Not art, just stuff on my bed

I’ve been obsessing on those studyblr, gradblr posts on Tumblr for quite some time now. Well, even before studyblr was invented, there was that thing called journal writing. Oh yeah, then came bullet journaling. But this is on a different level, my friends. Studyblr actually an attempt at studying. Let’s just say it’s an approach at studying. The first step in studying is getting into the mood to study. So you buy nice and expensive school supplies — the whole set of highlights, and the highly recommended Muji notebooks’ smooth paper that matches perfectly with those equally expensive Muji gel pens where they glide easily on. Next, you download study playlists, and a pomodoro app to keep cool and study on. Then the actual studying begins. You read your readings and make notes. You color code passages that you think needs highlighting. I use all six colors, though sometimes I do not strictly follow my color code rule. It’s just pretty to see the pages suddenly become more colorful and thus more cheerful. You also use different colors for your notes, for example, bright pink for headings, dark green for names and dates, orange for comments and questions, and blue for actual notes. Of course, you’re free to put add-ons like drawings of swirls and twines, flowers, leaves and smiling swines. But I found stickers to be much easier to do and neater to look at. And suddenly, I’m back in time to when I was in first grade! Who says studying makes you grow old and weary?!

Anyway, as you can see in this picture, it just shows my failed attempt at contributing to the study motivation project. It’s just humiliating. This photo of my stuff is no way going to motivate anyone. Should I put a hashtag no filter? Well, I don’t do selfies either. I tried before, but my face looks better behind the camera.

This post is just me procrastinating. So don’t take this seriously. (Except for the recommended school supplies, I swear you’d love them.)

PS. If you’re wondering what that colorful tapes are for, I use it to tag book pages. I write on those tapes instead on the book itself. It’s easier and cleaner to just remove the tape than using correction tape or fluid in case I make mistakes. It also saves me the embarrassment of lending the book to someone and find my notes stupid and handwriting ugly.