Butuan Genealogy

“At the Tampuda (conference/gathering) at Sibawan Panamin Reservation in Misamis Oriental on July 11, l974 Datu Mandahinog, grandson of Datu Mansumilao, told Dr. Angelus Villanueva Rosales Tupaz that the VILLANUEVAS are his relatives.

Their great grandfather, DATU MANSIBAWAN of Bukidnon married a Higaonon princess of the Talaandig tribe of Misamis. They had 13 children; the eldest was DATU MANKALASI who married a native of Mindulao (now Gingoog and part of Magsaysay, Mis. Or.) They had four sons and 2 daughters. Two of the heir apparents were Mansumilao and Mambusilao who got married to women of the Higaonon tribe of the MANGASETA group of Agusan. Their offsprings were the MANDALISAY and MANDILANTO tribes (Tex Delanto of Pareja subdivision, a former BIR Examiner and Author of the biography of DOPLAZA – belongs to the Mandelanto group)

A daughter of MANKALASI married a Chinese trader named OKUY BU TAO of Gingoog; they had 10 children. One of the girls, JACOBA BUTAO married a “Dagatnon” – FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA.

Mankalasi expanded his datuship towards Carmen up to Pinamanculan and Bancasi (original name was Mankalasi) and established a community of other wives.

JACOBA BUTAO and FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA begot nine children, namely:

1. Alejandro married to Paula Dumago

2. Angel married to Narcisa Piencenaves

3. Demetrio married Antonina Radaza

4. Eduardo who married Jacoba Aviles

5. Gregorio married Felipa Conde

6. Roman his spouse was Alfonsa (family name NA)

7. Blaza married Bernardo Calo

8. Rosa got married to Bautista Calo

9. Trinidad was married to Clemente Calo

Illigimate children of FRANCISCO and using their mothers’ family name

1. Juana Burdeos was married to Margarito Torralba

2. Macaria Cassion was married to Elegio Atega

3. Andrea Ato married Bonifacio Cocon

4. Marcelo Bustillo (spouse name is NA, but had

a son, Amado Bustillo)

The notes of Tio Desiderio (Deong) Curilan Villanueva indicate that he started his search of the Villanueva clan when he was in third year high school as part of a school project. His sources of information were reliable as his grandfather, ALEJANDRO BUTAO VILLANUEVA and grand uncle GREGORIO BUTAO VILLANUEVA were then available. So with his father FRANCISCO DUMAGO VILLANUEVA and his second cousin ROQUE VILLANUEVA SANCHEZ. From his research it is shown that the Villanuevas and Lopezes of Iloilo are linked like brothers EUGENIO and FERNANDO LOPEZ and PURA VILLANUEVA, the FIRST CARNIVAL BEAUTY QUEEN OF THE PHILIPPINES and got married to TEODORO KALAW of Batangas. One of their children was MARIA KALAW KATIGBAK who became a Senator. There are also linkages of this clan to Italy, England and Latin America.(Pasagdan nato ini)

The Butuan Villanueva-Butao clan was established more than 200 years ago by FRANCISCO and MARIA VILLANUEVA, brother and sister team, from Iloilo (Jaro and Molo). FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA married JACOBA BUTAO (mentioned earlier). MARIA married EUSEBIO BUTAO, brother of JACOBA BUTAO. Here’s what Tio Deong said, “Incidentally, FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA established the town of Butuan and during his term as Capitan del Pueblo, Magallanes, the former site was getting too small and too far for the growing community which has opened farms up the river as far as Amparo, Bit-os and even Kubo, Esperanza. They made a town centrally located and with space for the expansion. The Capitan del Pueblos are still honored today in the name of streets such as F. Villanueva St., T. Calo St., Rosales St., and Montilla St. to mention a few.”

The children of Francisco and Jacoba Butao Villanueva were earlier mentioned.

EUSEBIO BUTAO and MARIA VILLANUEVA begot the following children:

1. Geronimo V. Butao

2. Eulalia V. Butao

3. Antonina V. Butao

4. Rufina V. Butao

5. Rita V. Butao

EULALIA married SIMEON LARA of Gingoog. Some their descendants are Vicente B. Lara, former Congressman of Misamis Oriental. Amor married. Gov. Carlito Fortich of Bukidnon and Grace married San Victores. Fortunato B. Lara married an Irish mestiza, Victorina Saluper, begot five daughters:

1. Perla who married Cesar Sangco, former Army Officer

and retired MTC Judge;

2. Betty, married to General Oscar Rialp

3. Judith, married Charlie Deen, PAL pilot

4. Ruth, married to Teofisto Guingona, Jr., frmr. VP

5. Annie, the youngest – no info.

To facilitate easy comprehension of the complex relationship between and among the kins, particularly in the Butuan/Agusan area, although might not be complete – in which case someone can provide infos – I will attempt to simplify tabulation.

In chronological order, not based on their DOB, the children of Francisco Villanueva and Jacoba Butao were:

A. Alejandro Butao Villanueva who was married to Paula Dumago

Their children were/are:

1. Carmen Dumago Villanueva, married to Pedro Rosales


a. Natividad – sp. Teofisto Sevilla

b. Pacifico – Jovita Gaviola

c. Ana . (NA)-

d. Rogaciano – (NA)

e. Lourdes – ditto

f. Rosa – Fortunato Moreno

g. Jaime – a Cardoniga

h. Luis – Juanita Magayon

i. Apolinar – (NA)

2. Encarnacion Dumago Villanueva, married to Cornelio Ranan


a. Luisa – sp. Emilio Duncano Burias

b. Juan – (NA)

c. Julieta – Evangelista Duncano Duro

d. Modesta – Army Captain Jumao-as

e. Carlos – (NA)

3. Pedro Dumago Villanueva, married to Bebiana Demata


a. Vicente Demata Villanueva, married to Lucia Lagura


1/a. Rosita sp. Filomeno Cuenca

2/a Hermanisto a certain Susan

3/a Camilo a certain Lilia

4/a Pedro a Maritess

5/a Porferia Orlando Majarson

6/a Manuela Bentino Rebuyon

7/a Bebiana Casiano Jandayan

8/a Priscilla Rustico Angao

9/a Eufemia Boy Anora

10/a Minda (NA)

4. Francisco Dumago Villanueva, married to Rosario Curilan


a. Desiderio Curilan Villanueva, married to Severa Nomabiles


1 Desiderio, Jr. sp. Thelma S. Calo

2. Rhodora Ann Michael Donaire

3. Dennis Nazario Melba de Leon

4. Mary Lourdes Single

5. Sherry Clarissa Ruben Aldave

6. Glorina Single

7. Jennifer Fatima Single

8. Danilo Policarpio Evelyn Briones

9. Fanny Elizabeth Single

10. Delio Thaddeus Elisa Pacot

b. Isidro Curilan Villanueva married to Adela Patanao


1. Emma sp. Abelardo Villanueva (Iloilo)

2. Edilberto Single

3. Ernesto Thelma Sanchez Gustilo

4. Elmer Ruth Burdeos

5. Eric Elvira Hornido

6. Eppie Reynard Lagnada Amat

c. Rosita Curilan Villanueva married to Sabino Villanueva (Cavite)


1. Sabino sp Evelyn (?)

2. Marion Tomas Serdan

3. Rosalinda Elayda/Castro

4. Nenita Edong Balanos

5. Rosemarie Gil Bartolo

d. Aurea Curilan Villanueva married to Godualdo Atta


1. Corazon sp Nilo Jugalbot

2. Godualdo, Jr. Annabelle Glinago

3. Geraldo Edna Monasterial

e. Adelina Curilan Villanueva married to Rodrigo D. Perez


1. Rodrigo, Jr. sp Joy (?)

2. Raul Single

3. Ricardo ?

4. Rene Gloria (?)

f. Purita Curilan Villanueva married to Prudencio Puyo


1. Rolando sp Ruby Paderes

2. Marilyn Edgardo Cullantes

3. Herbert Tita Peral

4. Edgar ?

5. Ma.Luisa Rolando Rubillos

6. Mary Ann Ramon Urbi

7. Rosaliza Danny Camba

8. MaGina Celedonia Nada

9. Nathaniel Elena Lebriaga

10. Prudencio, Jr. Cherry Villanueva

11. Ma. Kristine Lauro Bagtilay

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The Clan of Francisco Villanueva and Jacoba Butao

Villanueva – Dumago – Curilan Branch

g. Visitacion Curilan Villanueva married to Marcelino Buenaseda


1. Dante David sp?

2. Daryl Mario David Lorna Alfante

3. Benedict V. Buenaseda Joy Villa

h. Joselyn Curilan Villanueva married to Purificacion Gildo


1. Rosario Jean sp (NA)

2. Jerico Francisco Leah ?

3. Jacqueline Ericsul Lagnada Mata

4. Juvy Jose Vicente C. Lagnada

5. Josue Doris Puyo

6. Joslyn Rosa Funesto

7.Joseph Single

8. Jay

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The Clan of Francisco Villanueva and Jacoba Butao

A.1. Alejandro Butao Villanueva who was married to Paula Dumago

A.2. Alejandro Butao Villanueva sired illegitimate children, namely:

A.2.1. Juan Borata was married to a certain Semblante

A.2.1.1. Jose Semblante Borata (incomplete record, Jose used to live at tabok Baan)

A.2.2. Lorenza who got married to Pablo Burdeos (incomplete record, with one known child

A.2.2.1. Rosario Burdeos married to Lope Antimaro

A. Azucena married to Bonifacio Butao

A. Jose sp ( ? )

A. Lamberto ( ? )

B.1. Next will be the family of Angel Butao Villanueva


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my mama said we are related to rosales and villanueva….. my lola said

we are one of calo descendants….. on the cabadbaran side that is also

atega clan…… this family tree will show me later names that are familiar?

…… we grow up in makati already….. we want to know more about our

butuan roots……thank you for this….. padayon!!!

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Continuing the genealogy of FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA and JACOBA BUTAO in alphabetical order, not on their DOB, was:

JACOBA BUTAO and FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA begot nine children, namely:

A. Alejandro married to Paula Dumago

B. Angel married to Narcisa Piencenaves

C. Demetrio married Antonina Radaza

D. Eduardo who married Jacoba Aviles

E. Gregorio married Felipa Conde

F. Roman his spouse was Alfonsa (family name NA)

G. Blaza married Bernardo Calo

H. Rosa got married to Bautista Calo

I. Trinidad was married to Clemente Calo



B.1. JOSE whose first wife was ENGRACIA ROSALES and JOSEFA DAGIUNG, the second

B.2. JORGE whose spouse was a SANCHEZ





B.7. AGRIFINA whose spouse was JOSE DURO


B.9. RAMONA (#1) married to CANUTO ROSALES

B.A. The second wife of Angel B. Villanueva was FRANCISCA MONDEJAR with whom he had 2 known daughters:

B.A. 1. RAMONA (#2) -spouse was PEDRO LADAO (the clan in Tubay)

B.A. 2. JOSEFA – spouse was PABLO FORTUN

I will start first with CONSORCIA, one of the children of Angel Butao Villanueva and Narcisa Piencenaves:

H E R S:

While still single, Consorcia had a child by Juan (Hantoy) Calo Corvera reportedly an appointed Governor of Agusan. Juan Corvera was at that time married to Honoria Rosales whose children were:

1. Conchita – sp: Pedro Ranario

2. Teresa (lawyer) – sp: Ireneo Siwa

Hantoy (Juan) Corvera begot outside wedlock to a certain girl – a Buyan – the child was Felipe B. Corvera married to Cristina Osico whose children are” Manolo, Ester, Angeles, Eddie, Aida, Roy, Elmo, Emma and Felipe, Jr.

The child of Hantoy Corvera with Consorcia P. Villanueva was DOLORES C VILLANUEVA who was married to Saturnino R. Libarnes.

The parents of Saturnino were Pedro Libarnes and Gabriela Rosales Their children, aside from Saturnino were:

1. Anna del Rosario

2. Ramon

3. Ignacio

4. Francisca

5. Concepcion

while Gabriela had a known sister, Maria, who was married to Simeon Trillo.

Saturnino Libarnes and Dolores C. Villanueva begot:

1. Edith – – sp. Jesus Castillo Bringas

2. Anastacio (Aden) – killed by a German fake doctor in Masago in WWII

3. Ruben – sp. Rose (?)

4, Wenceslao – sp: Rosario Calo Cupay

5. Joel – Single

6. Rafael – sp. Carmen Perez

7. Aida – sp. Rolando Lolingco

8. Maria


H I S:

Angel’s father was ROMANO ROSALES, whose ancestry is not determined yet at this time. Romano was married to IGNACIA BOKINGO. Ignacia’s father was a Chinese refugee named BO KING GO, from the Opium War in China, and married a Butuanon young beauty and begot:

1. Ignacia

2. Faustino

3. Margarita

4. Silverio

5. Albertfo

While Angel B. Rosales was single, he sired with two different girls. His kids were:

1. Liberato Salcedo, sp was Asuncion Hugo Zuzan of Zamboanga Their

children were:

1. Onesimo

2. Ambrosio

3. Ignacia

4. Rosario

5. Pura

6. Leopoldo

2. Rosendo Autor Rosales who married Cristina Junio. Known children:

1. Francisco

2. Ruperto

3. Romulo

4. 2 girls, name NA

(Rosendo was a look-alike of Pres. Sergio Osmena, Sr.)

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T H E I R S:

1. Jose – sp. Rogelia Mojica of Cavite whose daughter by an earlier marriage was a Miss Philippines

whose husband was a Judge Fernandez whose family owns the Legaspi Colleges. The

children of Jose and Rogelia are:

a. Loida – sp. Isaish Mojica

b. Perla Nick Erasga

c. Angel sp name, NA

d. Josefa single

e. Angelina Guillermo Lesaca

f. Rogelio name, NA

g. Fe name, NA

2. Manuel – sp: Remedios Viloria

a. Felicitas sp: Jose Tagaro

b. Consuelo Totoy Taruc

c. Rosario Teoy Cifra

d. Salvador Vicky

e. Carmen Alex de Castro

f. Victor Single

3. Eufronio first sp. Macaria Trillo

a. Modesta sp: NA

b. Roberto Clotilde Arriola

c. Necitas formely a nun, married to a Miel of Catbalogan, Samar

d. Pacita Pablo Garay

e. Florencia Tony Estrera

f. Belen Vicente Mangasep

g. Lily Romeo Japitana

2nd Sp: Aurora Potane

a. Consorcia sp. Balthazar Cubal

b. Nonita Single

c. Nario name NA, incumbent Mayor of Las Nieves

d. Eufronio, Jr.

e. Doroteo

f. Rodolfo

g. Odesio

h. Jose

4. Rosario sp. Mateo Villareal Tupaz

a. Angelus Chit Lagman

b. Antonio Cherie Famador

c. Julius Medarda (Medy) Semine

d. Jose Ayento

e. Rizal Aidee

f. Teresita Archie Villanueva

5. Carmen sp: Jose Sanchez

a. Alicia Sp: Arturo Torres

b. Espirita a Canadian (?)

c. Vicente name, NA

d. Jose, Jr. ”

e. Natividad single

f. Aurora na

g. ?

6. Gracia sp: Francisco Adarne Go

a. Dollfuss sp: Angelia Dizon

b. Clarita Manny Miraflor

c. Rogelio Celedonia P. Plaza

(Rogelio was born to Gracia and Agaton Perlada, Sr., former Academic Supervisor of Agusan

and Bukidnon, whose pictures of Agusan wildlife and natural scenery were published in the

Intermediate Geography, textbook used before the 50’s)

7. Santos sp: Blaza Geir

a. Angelio i. Carmelo

b. Consorcio j. Modesto

c. Nieves k. Arturo

d. Antonio l. Soledad

e. Gregorio m. Judith

f. Ernesto n. Orlando

g. Laurencia o. Rectone

8. Panfilo sp: Teodula Otero

a. Rodolfo sp: Jane Almacen

(only child)

9. Peping Died single

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JACOBA BUTAO and FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA begot nine children, namely:

A. Alejandro married to Paula Dumago

B. Angel married to Narcisa Piencenaves

C. Demetrio married Antonina Radaza

D. Eduardo who married Jacoba Aviles

E. Gregorio married Felipa Conde

F. Roman his spouse was Alfonsa (family name NA)

G. Blaza married Bernardo Calo

H. Rosa got married to Bautista Calo

I. Trinidad was married to Clemente Calo



B.1. JOSE whose first wife was ENGRACIA ROSALES and JOSEFA DAGIUNG, the second

B.2. JORGE whose spouse was a SANCHEZ





B.7. AGRIFINA whose spouse was JOSE DURO


B.9. RAMONA (#1) married to CANUTO ROSALES

B.A. The second wife of Angel B. Villanueva was FRANCISCA MONDEJAR with whom he had 2 known daughters:

B.A. 1. RAMONA (#2) -spouse was PEDRO LADAO (the clan in Tubay)

B.A. 2. JOSEFA – spouse was PABLO FORTUN

I already started first with CONSORCIA, one of the children of Angel Butao Villanueva and Narcisa Piencenaves.

The next child of Angel Butao Villanueva and Narcisa Piencenaves was Jose P. Villanueva who was married to:

Ist spouse: Engracia Rosales; their children are/were:

1. Priscilla R. Villanueva – sp: Angel Cembrano, Sr.

a. Vicente sp: Priscilla Mendoza

b. Flora Carlos Turla

c. Francisco Matilde Radaza

d. Virgelio (deceased)

e. Angel Revelina Lopez

f. Jaime Ida Martinez

2. Josefa R. Villanueva sp: Bernardo Calo

a. Apolinar sp: Francisca Cultura

b. Elena Ruperto Gonzaga

c. Leonil Liling Quiaoit

d. Alfredo Mercedes Magno

e. Benjamin na

f. Luz a Valenzuela

3. Socorro R. Villanueva sp: Francisco Magno, Sr

a, Nicasio sp: Carmelita Moran

b. Leah Jose Domino, Sr. / 2nd, a Hijada

c. Francisco, Jr. Norma Adawan

e. Victor Connie Eslaba; / 2nd is Linda Uy

f. Glorietta Senen Danila

g. Gilberto Perla Aquio

h. Mariano Perla Dulanas

i. Evangeline Armando Bayani

4. Jose R. Villanueva sp: Irene Dagani

a. Napoleon sp: Aida Fonghe

b. Oscar Maggie Kelly

c. Edmundo Nilda Labial

d. Aurora Benjamin Satorre

e. Anita Abelardo Carloto

f. Nilda Felix Vicuna

5. Bernaro R. Villanueva

Ist sp: Maximina Fortun

a. Rogelio sp: Isabelita Conde

b. Roberto Betty Luy

c. Carmencita

2nd sp: Teofila Atega

a. Samuel sp:

b. Jane Columbo Radaza

c. Paul deceased-jet plane crash

d. Illino a certain Espiritu

e. Ruth Freddie Plaza

f. Agnes single

g. Ivy single

h. Annette na

i. Ian Pinky Lim

6. Diego R. Villanueva sp: a Jamboy

a. Antonio sp: Rosario Duro (Villaflor)

b. Minerosa Sabas Clarito, Jr.

2nd wife of Jose P. Villanueva was Josefa Daguing:

1. Pacita D. Villanueva sp: Francisco Escrin

a. Arsenia sp; Noel Eler

2. David D. Villanueva sp: Lucena Estores

a. Lucena sp. na

b. Constante Emeracion ?

c. Editha

d. Loreto

3. Elmo D. Villanueva sp: Rita Libarnes

a. Oswaldo f. Lina

b. Mary Jane g. Ignacio

c. Virgilio h. Elmo, Jr.

d. Arturo i. Arnel

e. Liza j. Esperanza

4. Prosperadad D Villanueva sp: Gregorio Bayotas


5. Concordia D. Villanueva Ist sp: Melchor Marilag

a. Myrn

b. Ligaya

2nd sp: Ernesto Andres

a. Dalisay

b. Flora

c. Randy

d. Christopher

6. Pomposa D. Villanueva sp: Gerardo Oraiz

a. Herlie

b. Elmer

c. Eric

d. Grace

Next posting on the Angel Butao Villanueva and Narcisa Piencenaves clan may include Pascual, Jorge, Luisa, Pilar, Josefa, Agrifina ,Veronica & Ramona #1, followed by the children of Francisca Mondejar, 2nd spouse of Angel V. Villanueva.

JACOBA BUTAO and FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA begot nine children, namely:

A. Alejandro married to Paula Dumago

B. Angel married to Narcisa Piencenaves

C. Demetrio married Antonina Radaza

D. Eduardo who married Jacoba Aviles

E. Gregorio married Felipa Conde

F. Roman his spouse was Alfonsa (family name NA)

G. Blaza married Bernardo Calo

H. Rosa got married to Bautista Calo

I. Trinidad was married to Clemente Calo



B.1. JOSE whose first wife was ENGRACIA ROSALES and second wife was JOSEFA DAGIUNG

B.2. JORGE whose spouse was a SANCHEZ





B.7. AGRIFINA whose spouse was JOSE DURO


B.9. RAMONA (#1) married to CANUTO ROSALES

B.A. The second wife of Angel B. Villanueva was FRANCISCA MONDEJAR with whom he had 2 known daughters:

B.A. 1. RAMONA (#2) -spouse was PEDRO LADAO (the clan in Tubay)

B.A. 2. JOSEFA – spouse was PABLO FORTUN

In previous sections, I already started with CONSORCIA, one of the children of Angel Butao Villanueva and Narcisa Piencenaves.

Next I featured JOSE, one of the nine children of ANGEL BUTAO VILLANUEVA and NARCISA PIENCENAVES. Now I will present the rest of the children of ANGEL BUTAO VILLANUEVA and NARCISA PIENCENAVES.

> Pascual P. Villanueva who was married to Mauricia Concon. They have no children but adopted two:

1. Consuelo, married to Marcos Mordeno Calo. Their children are:

a. Susan, married to Johnny Medina. Thier kids are:

> Consuelo, sp John Krach

> Marcos

> Luisa

b. Horacio Marcos, sp: Margie; kids are

> Consuelo

> Marcos III

c. Eleanor, sp: Federico Galang; kids are

> Emilio Federico

> Regina

> Ramon

> Robin

d. Salvador Clemente

lst sp: Helen Estemier. Kids

> Adrian Marcos

> Camille Consuelo

2nd sp: Vecere Bokingo; Kids- N.A

2. Salvacion, sp (na) –

Known child was Antonio whose sp is Susan Sodusta. (kids, n.a.)

Pascual and Mauricia Concon Villanueva had no children. Pascual begot a son from outside their marriage:

> Romulo Tan, married to Susing Sunsi. Their kids:

> Alicia – sp Lauro Vallejos

> Teresita

> Luisa P. Villanueva who was married to Florentino Bokingo. They had no Children

(Note: – Still unclear to me the relationship of Florentino & Luisa Villanueva

Bokingo to Ester Bacarro wife of Lt Mester – parents of Steven,

the geologist. Ester used to tag along with the couple Florentino

and Luisa.)

> Agrifina P. Villanueva was married to Jose Duro. Their children:

> Fidel, whose spouse was Natividad Bastasa

> Joaquin, married to Saturnina Gumanit

(no record of their children)

> Veronica P. Villanueva, married to Filomeno Cassion whose known child was Adela Villanueva Cassion.

(records subject to further inquiry)

> Pilar P. Villanueva, spouse was Gorgonio Sanchez. Children:

> Roque, married to Baltazara Fumero (linya na ini ni Teofilo

F. Sanchez, the great choir singer)

> Celedonia, married to Andrea Bokingo

> Concepcion

> Jorge P. Villanueva, whose spouse was a Sanchez. The children:

1. Jose S. Villanueva, sp: Lucia Conde; children:

> Zosimo, sp is Petra Realista

> Virginia, sp is a Tuazon

> Alicia, sp: George delos Angeles

> Eufrocina, sp. Tomas Mejias

> Thelma

2. Hilarion S. Villanueva, whose spouse was a Montilla. Children:

> Hermites

> Ignacio

> Januario

> Herminia, sp Salvador Mendoza

> Hilarion, Jr.

> Carlito, sp Delicia

3. Francisca S. Villanueva, married to Benigno Gabor Children

> Simon, sp Irene of the Serrano/Plaza clan,

> Maria, a Jose Cruz

> Consuelo

> Esperanza

4. Gorgonio S. Villanueva, spouse was Eulalia Dumanon. Children:

> Angel

> Marietta, sp Roemo Trasmonte

> Josefina, sp Angel Acenea

> Armonito

> Lolita

> Antonio

> Ramona P. Villanueva (#1) was married to Canuto Rosales. Children:

1. Carmen V. Rosales, married to Luis Burdeos Azura. Children:

> Oliva, sp – Carlos Fernandez

> Cesar. – Emma Ejem

> Remedios – Vicente Salcedo

> Helena – Gaudioso Manlunas

> Florencia _ Luiz Jimenez

> Luis, Jr. – Marietta Puyo

> Paul – Leticia Madamba

2. Paz V Rosales, married to a Domine. Children

> Hoover – sp Thelma Radaza

> Clarita


Elisa Rosales Ochoa, the first female legislator of the country (courtesy:House of Representatives)

3. Elisa V. Rosales, was married to Enrique Ochoa. Only child

> Aida, married to Antonio Veloso, their only child is

Lilet, married to a Hidalgo

> Elisa and Enrigue had an adopted daughter, Minda.

(Note: Elisa was first Congresswoman of the Philippines, Asian

Women’s Tennis Champion. So were Aida & Minda – they

were Phil. tennis champions)

4. Jose V. Rosales, (lawyer) married to Leonor Valenzuela who I

recall was a Spanish teacher of FEU. Childrens record, NA

* Note: When Ramona P. Villanueva (#1) died, Canuto Rosales remarried to (#2)

Macaria Atega whose children were:

> David – Vice Mayor of Butuan City

> Romulo – last Butuan town Mayor before it became a city

> Aurora – Principal, FUC

> Justo – the Colonel

Macaria Atega (father was Tomas Montilla) was first married to Angel Burdeos. Their only child


> Ramon A. Burdeos – married to L. Legaspi

> Ramon, Jr.

> Felicidad

> Ramona

> Felicidad Burdeos Lozada

> Josefa P. Villanueva, married to Pablo Fortun. Children:

> Ricardo – sp – Tarcela Montilla

> Orlando, sp – Rufina Sanchez

> Aurora, married to a Cubillas

> Celedonio

Angel Butao Villanueva had a daughter with Francisca Mondejar (his 2nd marriage) – designated here as Ramona (#2) who was married to Pedro Ladao (Tubay clan). Their children are/were)

> Maximina, sp – Sulpicio Tapayan

> Felicisimo – Emelina Macasmot

> Carlos – Victoria Mondealto

> Gemma – Maximo Sale

> Respecia – Reynaldo Arroyo, Sr.

> Rufino – Lolita Clemente

> Carlito – Helen Taganao

> Yolanda – Ruperto Bugahod, Sr.

> Lydia – Luis Babaison

Subject to subsequent availability of records this will temporarily suspend the Angel Butao Villanueva and Narcisa Piencenaves clan. Next will be the other children of Francisco Villanueva and Jacoba Butao. Correction pls, if any, as the fingers do not sometimes cooperate with the eyes/or vice versa.

JACOBA BUTAO and FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA begot nine children, namely:

A. Alejandro married to Paula Dumago

B. Angel married to Narcisa Piencenaves

C. Demetrio married Antonina Radaza

D. Eduardo who married Jacoba Aviles

E. Gregorio married Felipa Conde

F. Roman his spouse was Alfonsa (family name NA)

G. Blaza married Bernardo Calo

H. Rosa got married to Bautista Calo

I. Trinidad was married to Clemente Calo

The ANGEL VILLANUEVA – NARCISA PIENCENAVES BRANCH was shown previously. The other children of FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA and JACOBA BUTAO and their respective branches are presented below:


> Maximina Radaza Villanueva, married to Eduardo Montilla. Children:

1. Baltazara, sp – Sergio Nono

2. Exequiel – – in his honor Montilla Blvd is named

3. Clementino – Juanita Atega. Children:

> Eduardo , sp – Margie Arriola

> Danilo – Nellie Cubillas

> Virgelio – Marilon Mordeno

> Clenita – single

> Zoleta – Jun Lawenko

> Elvera

> Clementino, Jr.

4, Estela, married to Rodrigo Sarmiento; children

> Pet

> Nanette

> Janice

5. Elpedio, married to Livia Calo. children:

> Mina Marie, sp – Johan Ladlad

> Exequiel

> Virginia. – Desiderio Ladores

> Alberto

> Luisito

> Neneng

> Cheche

6. Santos, married to Zenaida Trajano. Chldn:

> Elvis > Ike

> Doris > Liza

> Junie > Chato

> Paul > Van

> Opal > Sonny

> Simeon Radaza Villanueva, married to Eulalia Montilla. Chdn:

1. Demetrio

2. Roberto

3. Antonette

4. Lourdes


> Macaria (or Maria) Aviles Villanueva, was married to Resituto Buque. Chdn:

1, Paz, married to Melchor Esguerra. Chdn:

> Minda- sp – Charlie Opena

> Milo – Loretta Edioan

> Arturo – Alita Po

> Carlos – Rhodora Atega

> Emma – Victor Tomaneng

> Liwliwa – Single

2. Dolores, married to Elesio Santillan. Chdn:

> Nanet, sp – Eddie Acdemtana

> Paciano – Tarcianita Zoleta

> Marianne – Rogelio Dagani

> Carleta – Huber Bongolan

3. Carina, married to Felix Munar. Only known child is

> Josefa , sp – Arturo Tablizo

4. Jose, married to Trinidad Cubillas, known child is

> Jaime, married to Nieva Gonzaga

5. Federico, whose spouse was Maria Duncano. Chldn:

> Marieta – sp – Raul Amoy

> Helen

6. Julieta, was married to Fortunato Luminarias; Childn:

> Roberto – sp – Delia Calonzo

> Raul

> Remy

> Ruth

7. Josefina, married to Bonifacio Fesalboni. Chldn:

> Hedy – sp – Rolando Cervantes

> Henry – Milagros Malinis

> Bonifacio, Jr. – Jean Blanco

> Corazon – a Ketterer

> Carmela _ Jurgene Woitecki

> Jane – Seigfredo Cotejo

> Antonio – Ester Mahumot

> Victor – Myrna Echavez

> Teresita

> Roxanne

> Deidree

> BonafieMarie

> Bonifacia Aviles Villanueva, was married to a certain Delosa whose children include:

1. Asuncion, married to Gualberto Curilan. Chdn:

> Sixto – sp – a certain Lydia. Their children:

Edwin, Joseph, Jean & Josephine

> Hernando – Diosdada Guerrero Children are

Hemilo, Hermanita, Hernando, Helena, Horacio & Harry

>. Exaltacion

>. Fortunato, married to Gloria Arradaza. Children are:

Manolito, Emerito, Romeo, Gina (adopted)

> Apolinar

> Pedro Aviles Villanueva, married to Blaza Burdeos. Chldn:

1. Macaria Burdeos Villanueva, married to Teofilo Fortun. Chldn:

> Alicia – sp – Nonilon Butao

> Rolando – Macaria Sanchez, chldn

a. Rolando, Jr.

b. Antonio

2. Gil Burdeos Villanueva, lst spouse – Flores Almendras

2nd spouse – Lorina Samonte

3. Ildefonso Burdeos Villanueva, married to Baltazara Ato

> Edith V. Guarin

4. Francisco Burdeos Villanueva, married to Romula Curilan


1, Lorenza Conde Villanueva, married to Juan Torralba Chdn:

> Ricardo – sp – Luisa Serrano

> Victoria – Uldegannes Ariola

>Consuelo – Naborio Pasok

> Sixta – Venecio Melecio

> Cesar – Consorcia Lubang

ROMAN BUTAO VILLANUEVA, married to a certain Alfonza whose child was Jesusa. Records, NA


1. Gregoria, married to Pedro Radaza, whose children are/were:

> Olivia, married to a Remorin

> Tirso – sp – Concepcion Rosal

> Recarido – Nene Batino

> Francisca – to a Wilcom

> Emeteria – Fortunato Montilla

> Matrona

> Geronimo

2, Luciana, married to Marcos Torralba. Chldn:

> Daniel > Concesa

> Reparad > Porferio

> Macario > Portia

> Perla > Gloria

> Renata

3. Manuel , married to Engracia Montalban Chldn:

> Bienvenido

> Geronimo

> Jose

> Porferio

> Marcosa (illi) – sp – Sergio Sanchez

4. Herminigildo, married Bernarda Trillo. One known child:

> Concepcion T. Calo, married to Teofilo Montilla. Chldn:

a. Elmo – sp – Nenita Tininahan

b. Tedorico – Ludivina Cabano

c. Bernardita – Rafael Flores

d. Mercedes – Deogracia Cruz

5. Jacinta, married to Liberato Talon. Childn:

> Simeona, married to Paciano Montilla. Childn:

a. Oscar

b. Delicia – sp – Jun Ventura

c. Marietta

6. Lorenza, married to Agapito Agudo. Chldn:

> Cesar

> Hugo

> Jose – sp – Pacita Calo

> Antonio

> Josefa – a certain Palanca

> Concepcion – Julian Coneca

7. Natalia, married to Modesto Buenviaje; no children


1. Francisco, married to Maria Loquillano. Children:

> Gonzalo

> Estanislao – sp – a Flores

> Juan – Pura Flores

> Pedro

> Aniana – a Sulpicio

> Vicenta – a Santiago

> Bautista – Lucia D. Sanchez

> Francisco – Anatalia Edar

2. Raymundo, spouse is ?

> Iluminada – sp – to a certain Trocio

> Salustiana to a certain Manatad (in San Vicente)

> Eufemia – Maning Tidalgo (in San Vicente)

> Teofilo

3. Pedro, married to Victorina Ganalon. Chldn.

> Rosita

> Franklin

> Arthur

> Marcela

4, Josefa, married to Roberto Jaen. Chldn:

> Roberto, Jr.

> Vicente

> Valentin

> Barcenio

5. Leonora, married to Manuel Rosales Chldn

> Mercedes – sp – to a certain Quinones

> Concepcion – Joaquin Busico. Chldn:

a. Vicente C. Busico

b. Alfredo C. Busico

6. Monserrat, married to Mauro Aguilar. Relations – NA

7. Emelio

NOTE: When Rosa Butao Villanueva died, Bautista Calo remarried to

a Curilan whose children are/were:

1. Severino C. Calo , married to a Loreta

2. Paterno C. Calo – sp Gloria de Asis (one known child is Tyrone Calo)

3. Francisco C. Calo, married to Veronica Dumago

TRINIDAD BUTAO VILLANUEVA, was married to CLEMENTE CALO. Their child was:

1. Concepcion V. Calo, married to Modesto Dumago Piencenaves.


> Ferdinand – sp – Edna Ferrer

> Diosdado – Minda Cubillas

> Floro – Loida Besa

> Gordiano – Norma Garcia

> Maximina – Romulo Jalosjos

When Trinidad B. Villanueva died, Clemente got married to a certain

Mordeno whose children:

1. Marcos, married to Consuelo Villanueva

2. Pedro, was married to Lourdes Ledesma

3. Pacita, married to Pedro Rabor

4. Pablo, ?

The children of FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA, outside of marriage, using their mothers’ name:

A. Juana Burdeos, whose marriage to Margarito Torralba produced:

1. Cornela B. Torralba, unmarried

2. Moises B. Torralba, spouse was Maria Cupin, with one known child:

> Julieta C. Torralba, married to Nomer Grana

3. Macaria B. Torralba, married to Vicente Atega. Chldn.

> Viola

> Jose

> Lionel

> Alfredo

> Samuel

> Eddie

4. Marcos B. Torralba, married to Luciana Calo.Chdn

> Daniel – sp – a Magdalena

> Reparada – Emelio Morales

> Porcia – Pelagio de Veyra

> Macario – Ceriaca Duro

> Gloria – Diosdado Obenita

> Renata – Ernesto Aguillon

> Porferio ?

> Perla – Basilio Neri

> Concesa – George Van Hiring

B. Macaria Cassion married to Elegio Atega. Known children:

1. Rosario Cassion Atega, married to Leoncio Amante. Chldn:

> Ferdinand sp – Telly Magdamo

> Edelmiro – Rosario Malbas

> Leah – Celso Mendoza

> Romanito –

> Eulogio

2. Vicente Cassion Atega, married to Macaria Torralba. Chldn.

> Viola – sp – Benjamin Zapanta

> Leonil – Maria Borromeo

> Alfredo

> Samuel

> Jose

> Eddie

Note: Before marriage, Macaria C. Atega has a son Numeriano Cassion

whose children are:

> Rosita, married to a Cabatingan

> Cosme ?

> Estela, married to Armando Mendoza

C. Andrea Ato, married to Bonifacio Cocon: Children:

1. Santiago

2. Salvador

3. Aurelia

4. Tomas

D. Marcelo, spouse is unknown but had a son – Amado Bustillo.

This completes the children of FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA and JACOBA BUTAO, and the children of FRA

JACOBA BUTAO and FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA begot nine children, namely:

A. Alejandro married to Paula Dumago

B. Angel married to Narcisa Piencenaves

C. Demetrio married Antonina Radaza

D. Eduardo who married Jacoba Aviles

E. Gregorio married Felipa Conde

F. Roman his spouse was Alfonsa (family name NA)

G. Blaza married Bernardo Calo

H. Rosa got married to Bautista Calo

I. Trinidad was married to Clemente Calo

One of the children of Angel Butao Villanueva and Narcisa Piencenaves was Pilar Piencenaves Villanueva who was married to Gorgonio Sanchez. Their children are/were:

1. Roque V. Sanchez who was married to Baltazara Fumero. Children:

A. Maria F. Sanchez , sp – Lucio Sotero,

> Silvestre

> Alicia

> Loreto > Warlito

B. Elizerna F. Sanchez, – sp – Espiridion Enriquez

> Rogelio

> Roy

> Conchita

C. Hermingol F. Sanchez – sp – Benita Cortez

D. Teofilo F. Sanchez – sp – Felomina Vejega

> Benjamin

> Bernadette

> Sarah – Jong Garcia

> Paul

> Crisastomo

E, Pedro F. Sanchez – sp – Lucia Flores

> Horatio

> Remy Sarah

> Walter

> Gilbert

> Mila

> Mercy

> Agosto

> Chona – Jonathan Azarcon

F. Josefina F. Sanchez – sp – Fedrico Tuscano

2. Celedonio V. Sanchez – sp – Andrea Bokingo

A. Paciencia B. Sanchez – sp – Nonoy Sausal

> Rodrigo

> Alberto

> Carlito

> Bernardita

> Junior

B. Felicidad V. Sanchez – sp — Necitas Sarmiento

> Anita

> Dinah – sp – Alberto Calo

>> Louella

>> Francis Maria

>> Jasmin

>> Shalom

> Gilda – sp – Virgilio Concon

>> Isabelita

>> Virgilio, Jr.

> Simon

> Terencio

C. Juliet B. Sanchez

D Carmen B. Sanchez

E. Vicente B. Sanchez – sp – a Felias

> Cesar

3. Concepcion V. Sanchez

JACOBA BUTAO and FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA begot nine children, namely:

A. Alejandro married to Paula Dumago

B. Angel married to Narcisa Piencenaves

C. Demetrio married Antonina Radaza

D. Eduardo who married Jacoba Aviles

E. Gregorio married Felipa Conde

F. Roman his spouse was Alfonsa (family name NA)

G. Blaza married Bernardo Calo

H. Rosa got married to Bautista Calo

I. Trinidad was married to Clemente Calo

One of the children of Alejandro Butao Villanueva and Paula Dumago was Carmen Dumago Villanueva who was married to Pedro A. Rosales. The children:

Carmen Villanueva (Seated) with children Ana and Natividad

Carmen Villanueva Rosales and daughter Natividad

1. Natividad “Edad” – 1st Teofisto Sevilla, 3rd, Ireneo Casinillo,
a. Teofisto “Pete” – Germilinas Jasmin
(Note : Pete was the close-in security of Khodor Khalil)
b. Lilian – Ignacio Apit
c. Carolina – Gilberto Pasco, Sr.
d. Pedro II – Anita Maravilla
e. Shirley – Gregorio Jucoy
f. Norma –
g. Rosario – Juanito Lemoncito
h. Bernardita – Arturo Elma, Sr.
(ltr. g & h – daughters of Edad by Ireneo)

2. Ana V. Rosales – Dionesio Madronero

a. Corazon – Joven (Boy) David, Sr.

3. Pacifico V. Rosales – Jovita Gaviola

a. Josefina – Jovencio Cubillas

b. Isabelo – Ester Palaran

c. Francisco (Eco) – Patricia Tumimbo

d. Maria – Felipe Lisondra

e. Clarita – Sulpicio Leonero

4. Rogaciano V. Rosales – Leodegaria Albaracin

a. Marcelina – Romulo Sarvalen, Sr.

5. Rosa V. Rosales – Fortunato Moreno

a. Rosario “Liling”

b. Loreto – Ernesto Villa

6. Lourdes V. Rosales – Pedro Ulay

a. Francisco “Pantit” – Josefina Gellineo

b. Manolito “Boloy” – Leonardita Villa

7. Jaime V. Rosales – Gregoria Cardoniga

a. Erlinda – Emilio Burato

b. Proserfina – Federico Tanoja

c, Carmelita – Asterio Mendoza

d. Virginia – Arturo Ello

e. Felina – Rogelio Arzibal

f. Nestor – Gina Geronimo

g. Bienvenido – Rowena Gellecanie

8. Luis R. Rosales – Juanita Magayon

a. Carmen Everlida

b. Rene “Toto”

c. Maria Asuncion

Patria “Siony”(PhD) – Blake Baumstark

d. Ana Perla _ Carlos Cuanan

e. Efren – Alberta Pelegrino

f. Melindo – Virginia Bustillo

g. Diosdado

h. Felix

i. Luisito – Gemma Adolfo

j. Marla Theresa

k. Angelito – Maria Victoria Lofamia

9. Apolinar V. Rosales – He was executed by the japanese during world war II

Note: The clan of Carmen Dumago Villanueva and Pedro A. Rosales has over 60 grandchildren up to the 4th generation.

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Eve said, “God granted me more offsprings in place of Abel because Cain

slew him.”

“Seek Where You Belong.”, Serrano clan of Jabonga,

Agusan del Norte

It was only after I finished 2 years ago the draft-chart on the genealogy of Jesus did I have a better perspective on the complex relationships of the Biblical characters.

For example there were 42 generations from Abraham to Jesus excluding Adam’s to Noah’s before Abraham’s. There were 2 Jacobs; the first, was the husband of Leah and Rachel and, son of Isaac and Rebecah. Joseph, the first, was the son of Jacob and Rechel (2nd wife) and became Governor of Egypt after he was sold by his brothers. The other Jacob was the son of Matthan and, father of Joseph, the husband of Mary – Jesus’ mother. On many occasions, Egypt was the refuge of the Jews. Jacob, the father of Joseph – Mary’s husband- was the 32nd great grandson of Perez who was the son of Judah (son of the first Jacob) and his widowed daughter-in-law, Tamar, widow of Er and Onan, sons of Judah and Shua. Tamar, pretended to be a harlot and seduced her father-in-law. No incest law that time. Most biblical characters were descended from Seth, the third child of Adam and Eve, because Noah was the only son of Seth who was allowed to live with his family after the great flood. .

Moses was already old when he wrote the Old Testament when Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had been long gone. He relied his information from the priestly. yahwists. elohists and traditions.

Because of the difficulty in writing the genealogy when the writer is already not too young, it is suggested that the present generation begin to do their own.

In writing the genealogy of Francisco and Jacoba Butao Villanueva my sources mostly come from the notes of my uncle Desiderio Curilan Vilanueva. In preparing the Romano Rosales and Ignacia Bokingo genealogy I relied on my personal knowledge and informations from Asuncion Dumanon Manlapaz, Salvador Busa Fortun – both on their 80’s -, Gwen Fortun, Angelus R. Tupaz, Bobby Rosales, Salvador Flores Viray, Deojilda Demain Gogo and kids, Georgie Dumanon Abellar (remarried to a Megue, a chef of the White House, a Sta Maria and now a Cruz), Ester Corvera, Rafael Libarnes, Apolonio Rosales, Porcelio Rosales, Nora Rosales, Ester and Baby Bokingo Rosales, Rosario Bokingo Plaza and our daughter Johanna who did the leg work and provided me information thru the internet.

Romano’s name does not appear in Rocky Flores’ online genealogy of Fr. Telesforo dela Pena aka Fr. Telesforo Nepomoceno; therefore it is difficult to determine if he descended from the priest. He may came from Cebu together with Andres Rosales – 2 time elected town mayor/presidente de pueblo of Butuan – the great grandfather of Atty. Artemio Rosales and Belino Rosales whose wife is Narcisita Grana Jandug. Mana Vering Pacana and Mana Deming Calo are known to be descendants of Andres.

Ignacia Bokingo, spouse of Romano, was the daughter of a Chinaman – named Bo King Go – who evacuated from China during the Opium War, came and settled in Butuan, married a lovely Butuanese lady whose other children were: Faustino, Margarita, Silverio and, Alberto whose descendants are the Berays, Macalams, Plazas, Duncanos, Buyans and Rosaleses of the original townsite – Banza. Romano and Ignacia belonged to the same generation as Francisco and Jacoba Butao Villanueva.

Okuy Bo Tao, chinese trader of Gingoog was the father of Jacoba Butao. Somebody told me that Okuy, means dark; Bo Tao, no husband or wife.


(Not based on their Date of Birth -DOB)

A. FERNANDO B. ROSALES – single, no children, live about 80 years, lived in an

area near the present Mahogany Sawmill; tended

his Baono, Mangao, Lambog, Guavas, Coconut

and Lumbia trees; rice and corn fields, Pao, etc.


1. Sesenio Sanchez Rosales, an Engineer

First spouse – E. Maturan; their only child is Gloria Rustaquio

reportedly in Surigao with her family

Second spouse – Laureana San Pedro of Manila

> Linda

> Fe

Note: The 2nd family first operated the Iligan Colleges, the Capitol

Colleges (I think now a university) and a Hospital.in Cagayan

de Oro

2. Josefa Sanchez Rosales, married to Juanito Cinco, issues are:

> Napoleon

> Myrna

> Baby

3. Modesto Sanchez Rosales, married to Violeta Lee, their issues:

> Mario

> Susan

> Inday

> Eddie

4. Apolonio Sanchez Rosales, married to Virginia Atega, daughter of

Isabelo Atega

> Cristina

> Apolonio, Jr.

> Celerina > Nestor

> George

> Emmanuel

> Mary Grace


1. Dolores Montalban Rosales, married to Vitaliano Acol Demain

a. Diojelia R. Demain, spouse is Anastacio Gogo

> Nelson

> Fredeswenda -( Aneco)

> Roberto

> Raul – Annabel

> Joel

> Rinafe – Noel Villena

> Edwin

2. Vicente Rosales Demain, spouse is Lucy Salazar

> Ismael

> Sheila

> Marion

> Arlyn

> Betsy

> Lyndon

3. Rodolfo Rosales Demain, married to Eduarda Ginella

> Miguelito

> Mardy

> Christina

> Corazon

> Joy

> Rhodora

> Phoebe

> Dolores

> Domino

Note: No information of Juan’s other children, if any

Vitaliano Demain had two sons from a previous marriage –

Maximo and Perfecto

No other children of Juan are known.


1. Isabel R. Busa, married to Antonio Torralba Fortun

a. Salvador B. Fortun, married to Natividad ?

> Gwen

> Susan

> Douglas

b. Purificacion B Fortun, married to Sulpicio Lagnada

> Concha

> Vicente

> Antonio



(Info given incomplete)

c. Maximina B. Fortun, married to Bernardo R. Villanueva

> Rogelio – Isabelita Conde

> Roberto – Betty Luy

> Carmencita

d. Lucia B. Fortun, married to Jose Maclang, Sr.

> Jose, Jr.

> Rudy

> Oscar

> Francisco

2. Maria R. Busa, married to a Fortun

a. Acing

b. Sepa

c. Tolong

d. Malakias

3. Eusebio R Busa, the wife was from Buenavista

4. Ramon R. Busa, the wife was from Amparo

5. Marcos R. Busa

6. Acion R. Busa, married to a Traquina

(Note – Felimon Busa belonged to this clan, subject to further inquiry, as

data provided is incomplete)


1. Aurelia, married to a Macono, then to a Sarvida

a. Emeliano Macono

b. Francisco Macono

c. Gloria Macono

d. Francisca Macono

e. Jacinto Macono

f. Rosita Macono

g. Eduardo Sarvida

h. Romeo Sarvida

i. Corazon Sarvida

j. Primo Sarvida

2. Eleuterio B. Rosales, married to Natividad Cultura Fortun

a. Nora, has a son Ryan by Johnny Low. Ryan has a daugther,

Rachel Low, with wife Juliet Minguito

b. Laurita , married to Bienvenido Montadas

> Christopher

> Cheriquit

> Ramses

> Bienvenido, Jr.

c. Eleuterio, Jr., married to Regina Nerquit

> Eleanor

> Renil

> An-an

> Ely

d. Henedina, married to Reynaldo Dumanon

> Jainal

> Julius

> Donaldo

> Jimsey

> Henedina

e. Victoria, married to Jose Espelita

> Joy

> Jose

> Juevar

(Note: The Eleuterio & Natividad Rosales clan is in the Babag area)

3. Cresencia, married to Geronimo Bongato

a. Carmelito

b. Nena

c. Geronimo, Jr

d. Gregorio

e. Danilo

f. Jose

g. Allan

h. Venerando

4. Maria, married to a Brillantes

a. Bonifacio, married to Rosario Fumero

> Ulysis

> Hazel

> Meita

> Carlo

> Marites

> Peache

> Bon

b. Pedro

c. Lydia

d. William

e. Pelino

f. Perla

g. Victor

5. Felomena, spouse’s name NA

a. Paulita Enriquez

b. Rosita Calo

c. Josefina C. Avergonzado

d. Hernando Calo

6. Estela, married to Candido Galindo

a. Olivia, married to Eddie Sanchez (Bur. of Customs)

b. Leo


1. Francisca R. Flores, married to a Tumalin (data-NA)

2. Pilar R Flores, married to Armando Reyes Viray, Sr.

a. Consuelo, married to Exequel G. Reyes

b. Alegria, married to Felix Palarca

c. Corazon, married to Ramon del Rosario

d. Perfecto, married to Joy Fortun

e. Armando, Jr, married to Lolita Gamulan

f. Aida, married to Romeo Saballa

g. Perla, married to Robin Regalado, (reported to be in

Spain over 30 years, takes care of the palace of a

Spanish royalty )

h. Salvador, married to Teresita Bokingo Conde

> Helena Virginia, sp. is Augorio Ilagan (Dentist)

> Mindaluza, sp is Edelbeerto Marasigan

> Salvador, Jr.

> Ligaya, sp is Luciano Tambis

> Yolanda

> Bayani, sp is Licelle Arbis

> Noel, sp is Luciana Tiempo

> Luningning, sp is Francisco Furia III

> Nazareno


1st Spouse: Eleuterio Suazo

1. Rita R. Suazo , married to Froilan Dumanon

a. Asuncion – sp. 1st: – Artemio Manlapaz

2nd – Susano Esto

No children for both marriages

b. Georgie – Nonoy Abellar

> Virgie – sp Joel Sanchez

> Romeo

> Agosto

c. Josefina – sp. – Zosimo Patanao

> Evelyn

> Edna



d. Vicente

e. Teresita, married to a Villaren of San Diego, has a son

who is officer of the US Navy

f. Lucia – married to Felix Mangcognahan

g. Gregorio

h. Nieves

i. Ulyssis – sp is Mary ?

2nd sp: Felomino Alutaya

1. Clotilde, married to Rafael Daniles

> Laurita

> Cesar

2. Justina, married to Blas Emboy

a. Teodoro – sp – Purificacion Darunday

b. Felicitas a Mordeno

c. Minda an Encarnado

d. Rudy

3 . Jose Alutaya, married to Presentacion Burris

a. Josefina – sp – Rene Bulaneda

b . Thelma Ben Malto

c. Alfredo Elsa Sandoval

d. Perla Jose Cortez (Perla is w/ the City Library)

e. Delfa an Abrea

2. Natalia Suazo (info NA)


(Consorcia was known as ZORAYDA, a Princess)

* While single, Angel sired two children with two different girls:

1. Liberato Salcedo of Libertad, married to Asuncion Hugo Zusan

of Zamboanga. Their children:

a. Onesimo

b. Ambrosio

c. Ignacia

d. Rosario

e. Pura

f. Leopoldo

2. Rosendo Autor Rosales, married to Cristina Juno.

a. Francisco

b. Ruperto

c. Romulo

d. 2 girls, names NA

** Consoricia while single had a child by Juan (Hantoy- a popular name at that

time) Corvera reportedly an appointed Governor of Agusan. Juan Corvera was

married to Honoria Rosales whose children were:

1. Conchita, married to Pedro Ranario (Cabadbaran area)

2. Teresa, a lawyer was married to Ireneo Siwa

Outside of wedlock, Hantoy Corvera begot a child with a Roberta Buyan; the

child was Felipe B. Corvera who was married to Cristina Osico whose

children are Manolo, Ester, Angeles, Eddie, Aida, Roy, Elmo, Emma and

Felipe, Jr.

Dolores Villanueva, the offspring of Juan (Hantoy) Corvera and Consorcia P.

Villanueva, was married to Saturnino Rosales Libarnes.

Pedro Libarnes and Gabriela Rosales were the parents of Saturnino. The

other children were Anna del Rosario, Ramon, Ignacio, Francisca and


Gabriela had a sister, Maria, who was married to Simeon Trillo.

Saturnino Libarnes and Dolores C. Villanueva begot


1. Edith, was married to Jesus Castillo Bringas:

a. Rogelio

b. Orlando

c. Agelio

d. Alfredo

e. Honesto

f. Romeo

g. Jessica

Except for Jessica, the rest are married with children

2. Anastacio (Aden) – killed by a fake German doctor/Japanese

spy in Masago. Intended target was Khalil


3. Robin

4. Wenceslao, married to Rosario Cupay:

a. Antonio

b. Josefina

c. Meriam

d. Marilou

e. Rowen

5. Joel, single

6. Rafael, married to Carmen Perez:

a. Marites

b. Christopher

c. Nathaniel

d. Alex

e. Katherine

f. Willliam

7. Aida, married to Rolando Lolingco

8. Maria


1. Jose, married to Rogelia Mojica of Cavite whose daughter by an earlier

marriage, Lumen, was a Miss Philippines in the 1930 and

married to Judge Ramon Fernandez who operates the

Legaspi Colleges.

a. Loida, sp: Isaish Mojica, a nephew of Gov. Montano

of Cavite

b. Perla Nick Erasga. Perla also was Manila’s Beauty Queen

c. Angel Saling

d. Josefa, single

e. Angelina Guillermo Lesaca

f. Rogelio Virgie

g. Fe

2. Manuel, married to Remedios Viloria. Manuel was Prov’l & City Auditor

a. Felicitas – sp ; Jose Tagaro

b. Consuelo Totoy Taruc

c. Rosario Teoy Cifra

d. Salvador Vicky

e. Carmen Alex de Castro

f. Victor

h. Belen Police Capt Totoy Asinas

3. Eufronio – 1st sp. Macaria Trillo

a. Modesta

b. Roberto – sp. Clotilde Arriola

c. Necitas a Miel of Catbalogan, she was a former nun

d, Pacita Pablo Garay

e. Florencia Tony Estrera

f. Belen Vicente Mangasep

g. Lily Romeo Japitana

2nd sp: Aurora Potane

a. Consorica – sp: Balthazar Cubal

b. Nonita single (Saskatchewan)

c. Renairio Incumbent Mayor of Las Nieves, sp name Na

d. Eufronio, Jr.

e. Doroteo

f. Rodolfo

g. Odesio

h. Jose

During his first marriage Eufronio sired two children:

a. Romulo of Mahay

b. Cristeto, who also was Mayor of Las Nieves. Eufronio,

himself was Mayor of Las Nieves for over 3 decades.

4. Rosario, married to Mateo Villareal Tupaz of Mambusao, Capiz. Rosario

was Nursing Board topnotcher. Mateo was City Councilor for a

long time

a. Angelus, married to Rosita Yumang Lagman

> Roscele – sp: – Jimmy Vegara

>> RJ, Ronald Jimmy

> Angelus, Jr. – Shirley Natumas

>> Caitlyn

>> Christian

>> Angelo

> Rhoderic:

1st sp: Jessamyn A. Honculada

>> Rhoderique Jordeanne “Rika”

2nd sp Tatet Calo

>> Rhodorique Rhozarina “Eika”

>> Anglique Sofia

>. Rhendalyn, sp: Carl Juen

>> Rhayla

>. Rhoel, sp : Arlene Padua

>> Gaile

>> Rhowee

> Ronald

> Rhozarina

b. Antonio, married to Cherie Famador

> Twinkle

> Pocholo

> Ritchie

> Antonio, Jr.

c. Julius, married to Medrada Cimene

> Rosario Teresita – sp: – Dave Adger

>> Anna Garla

>> Dakota Rose

> Chingbee – single

> Julius, Jr. – sp: Aida Magnaye

>> Jamesa

>> Jarell

d. Jose, married to Estrella Radaza Ayento

> Abegail – sp: – Roel Sanchez Sabate

>> Ellen

>> Roel, Jr.

>> Shayne

> Edgar – sp: – Eleonor Ato

>> Eduardo Anthony

>> Judd

> Corazon sp _ a Cruz

>> Danica Camille

> Liza, – sp: – Lorenzo Mordeno Busa

>> Louie Loi

>> Lance Nicole

>> Larissa Julia

>> Lauren Margauz

> Ricardo – sp: _ Nida Albina

>> Crosby

> Loida sp – a Lopez

>> Laimbear

> King John – sp: – Bridget Fernandez

>> Kelven John

>> Kathleen Bea

> Jake – sp : – Beth Areza

>> Franchesca Loiuese

> Ali – sp: Nilda Montilla

>> Reanne

>> Alysa Joan

e. Rizal, married to Zenaida Dino

> Rhodora

> Romulus

> Rizal, Jr.

f. Eliza Teresita, married to Archie Villanueva of San Esteban,

Ilocos Sur

> Charmaine, married to John White. (of Sacramento)

She worked for the Oakland Raiders

>> Haleigh Tess

5. Carmen, married to Jose Sanchez

a, Alicia sp: Arturo Torres

b. Espirita

c. Vicente

d. Jose, Jr.

e. Natividad

f. Aurora

g. Sandra

6. Gracia, married to Francisco Adarne Go. Buddy-buddy of Khalil Khodr

a. Dollfuss, sp is Angelina Dizon

> Michelle

> Dollfuss, Jr.

> Michael

> Genaline

b. Clarita, sp is Manny Miraflor

> Clarrisa

> Carlota

> Herman

> Cindy

c. Rogelio, married to Celedona P. Plaza, he is the son of Agaton

Perlada, Sr. and Gracia

> Angel, sp is Nenette Cortez of San Pablo City

>> Elaine

>> Abigael

> Gertrudes, sp: Connor O’Hagan of NJ

>> Colm

>> Aisling

> Johanna, sp: – Peter Dulu

>> Carla

>> Raymond

>> Rafraf

> Emily, sp: – Rey Saburao of Mis Or.

>> Kyle

> Ramon – sp – Caroline Reyes of Cavite

>> Francis

>> Monica

> Charity – single

> Hyacinth – single

> Andrew Ryan – sp : – Madonna Trillo

>> Anisha

7. Santos, married to Blaza Geir. Santo was Mayor of Las Nieves 1980-86

> Angelito > Carmelo

> Consorcia > Modesto

> Nieves > Arturo

> Antonio > Soledad

> Gregorio > Judith

> Ernesto > Orlando

> Laurencia > Rectone

8. Panfilo, married to Teodula Otero, daughter of Juan Otero, descendant

of a Spanish soldier.

> Rodolfo, sp: Jane Almacen

>> NA

9. Peping, single, died in an accident when a log crashed him at the

logpond of Consing Rafael Sawmill

For the Rosales Clan

Fr. Telesforo Nepumoceno de la Peña

1st Generation

1. Fr. Telesforo Nepumoceno de la Peña died on an unknown date. He met Teodora Rosales, then he met Vicenta Calo

Children of Telesforo Nepumoceno de la Peña and Teodora Rosales

i. 2. Januario Rosales died on an unknown date.

ii. 3. Don Diego Rosales.

iii. 4. Joaquina Rosales died on an unknown date.

iv. 5. Leocario Rosales died on an unknown date.

also Telesforo de la pena had an affair with Vicenta Calo

Children:Geronimo Calo

Pedro Calo

Flaviano Calo

2nd Generation (Children)

2. Januario Rosales died on an unknown date. He married 1st Gertrudes Rosales [Burdeos]. He married 2nd Maria Rosales [Piencenaves]. He married 3rd Juana Rosales [Bustillo]. He married 4th Mikaela Rosales [Auron]. He married 5th Woman Rosales [Funesto]. He married 6th Feliciana Rosales [Buril]. He married 7th Woman Rosales [Curilan]. He married 8th Rosales [Woman]. He married 9th Michaela Rosales [Auron]. He married 10th Woman Rosales [Funesto]. He married 11th Feliciano Rosales [Buril]. He married 12th Woman from Rosales [Cebu]. He married 13th Rosales [Onang].

Children of Januario Rosales and Gertrudes Rosales [Burdeos]

i. 6. Teodora Rosales.

ii. 7. Cipriana Rosales.

iii. 8. Isidoro Rosales.

iv. 9. Cecilia Rosales.

v. 10. Catalino Rosales.

vi. 11. Antonia Funesto [Rosales].

Children of Januario Rosales and Maria Rosales [Piencenaves]

vii. 12. Anacleta Sanchez [Rosales].

Children of Januario Rosales and Juana Rosales [Bustillo]

viii. 13. Antonio Bustillo.

ix. 14. Paula Burdeos [Bustillo].

Children of Januario Rosales and Mikaela Rosales [Auron]

x. 15. Ambrosia Rosales.

Children of Januario Rosales and Woman Rosales [Funesto]

xi. 16. Adriana Rosales.

Children of Januario Rosales and Feliciana Rosales [Buril]

xii. 17. Panataleion Rosales.

xiii. 18. Narciso Rosales.

xiv. 19. Pedro Rosales.

Children of Januario Rosales and Woman Rosales [Curilan]

xv. 20. Crisitino Rosales.

Children of Januario Rosales and Rosales [Woman]

xvi. 21. Roman Rosales.

xvii. 22. Andres Rosales.

Children of Januario Rosales and Michaela Rosales [Auron]

xviii. 23. Ambrocia Montilla [Rosales].

Children of Januario Rosales and Woman Rosales [Funesto]

xix. 24. Adriana Funesto.

Children of Januario Rosales and Feliciano Rosales [Buril]

xx. 25. Pantaleon Rosales.

xxi. 26. Narciso Rosales.

xxii. 27. Pedro Rosales.

Children of Januario Rosales and Woman from Rosales [Cebu]

xxiii. 28. Romano Rosales.

Children of Januario Rosales and Rosales [Onang]

xxiv. 29. Juana Sanchez [Rosales].

xxv. 30. Francisca Calo [Rosales].

xxvi. 31. Maria Azura [Rosales].

xxvii. 32. Marta Osinaga [Rosales].

xxviii. 33. Eduarda Dualda Radaza [Rosales].

xxix. 34. Apo Inko Yuson [Rosales].

3. Don Diego Rosales. He married 1st Asunciom Rosales [Sanchez]. He married 2nd Woman Rosales [Villanueva]. He married 3rd Dorotea Rosales [Sanchez]. He married 4th Vicenta Rosales [Flores]. He married 5th Macaria Rosales [Ato].

Children of Don Diego Rosales and Asunciom Rosales [Sanchez]

i. 35. Eusebo Rosales.

Children of Don Diego Rosales and Woman Rosales [Villanueva]

ii. 36. Hermegildo Rosales.

Children of Don Diego Rosales and Dorotea Rosales [Sanchez]

iii. 37. Gabriella Libarnes [Rosales].

iv. 38. Canuto Rosales.

v. 39. Maria Trillo [Rosales].

vi. 40. Petrona Lopez [Rosales].

vii. 41. Camito Rosales.

Children of Don Diego Rosales and Vicenta Rosales [Flores]

viii. 42. Guemersindo Rosales.

Children of Don Diego Rosales and Macaria Rosales [Ato]

ix. 43. Tomas Rosales.

x. 44. Victorio Rosales.

4. Joaquina Rosales died on an unknown date. She met Don Pedro Garcia.

Other events in the relationship of Joaquina Rosales and Don Pedro Garcia


Children of Joaquina Rosales and Don Pedro Garcia

i. 45. Regino Rosales died on an unknown date.

5. Leocario Rosales died on an unknown date. He married 1st Maria Rosales [Martinez]. He married 2nd Woman Rosales [Arcos]. He married 3rd Woman Rosales [Demata]. He married 4th Woman Rosales [Curilan]. He married 5th Rosales [Arcos]. He married 6th Other Rosales [Woman].

Children of Leocario Rosales and Maria Rosales [Martinez]

i. 46. Andrica Corvera [Rosales].

ii. 47. Pelagia Calo [Rosales].

iii. 48. Silveria Rosales.

iv. 49. Engracia Villanueva [Rosales].

v. 50. Josefa Arlos Rosales.

vi. 51. Gregorio Dewata Rosales.

vii. 52. Gregorio Loquite.

Children of Leocario Rosales and Woman Rosales [Arcos]

viii. 53. Josefa Rosales.

Children of Leocario Rosales and Woman Rosales [Demata]

ix. 54. Gregorio Rosales.

Children of Leocario Rosales and Woman Rosales [Curilan]

x. 55. Gregorio Rosales.

Children of Leocario Rosales and Rosales [Arcos]

xi. 56. Josefa Curilan [Arcos].

3rd Generation (Grandchildren)

6. Teodora Rosales. She married Unknown.

Children of Teodora Rosales and Unknown

i. 57. Cirpriana Burdeos Sanchez [Rosales].

ii. 58. Isidro Rosales.

iii. 59. Cecilia Rosales.

iv. 60. Catalino Rosales.

v. 61. Antonia Funesto [Rosales].

7. Cipriana Rosales.

8. Isidoro Rosales.

9. Cecilia Rosales.

10. Catalino Rosales.

11. Antonia Funesto [Rosales]. She married Ramon Funesto.

Children of Antonia Funesto [Rosales] and Ramon Funesto

i. 62. Pablo Funesto.

ii. 63. Blas Funesto.

iii. 64. Pilar Dumanon [Funesto].

iv. 65. Socorro Radaza [Funesto].

12. Anacleta Sanchez [Rosales]. She married Claudio Sanchez.

Children of Anacleta Sanchez [Rosales] and Claudio Sanchez

i. 66. Francisco Sanchez.

ii. 67. Luis Sanchez.

iii. 68. Bartolome Sanchez.

iv. 69. Ambrocio Sanchez.

v. 70. Francsica Guingona [Sanchez].

vi. 71. Faustino Sanchez.

vii. 72. Natalia Roque [Sanchez].

viii. 73. Andredo Sanchez.

13. Antonio Bustillo. He married 1st Bustillo [Mercedes]. He married 2nd Junaita Bustillo [Furia].

Children of Antonio Bustillo and Bustillo [Mercedes]

i. 74. Simon Bustillo.

ii. 75. Cipriano Bustillo.

Children of Antonio Bustillo and Junaita Bustillo [Furia]

iii. 76. Ana Bustillo.

iv. 77. Agustina Torralba [Bustillo].

v. 78. Isabel Curato [Bustillo].

14. Paula Burdeos [Bustillo]. She married Roman Burdeos.

Children of Paula Burdeos [Bustillo] and Roman Burdeos

i. 79. Felix Burdeos.

ii. 80. Maria Buyan [Burdeos].

15. Ambrosia Rosales.

16. Adriana Rosales.

17. Panataleion Rosales.

18. Narciso Rosales.

19. Pedro Rosales.

20. Crisitino Rosales.

Children of Crisitino Rosales

i. 81. Carmeta Curilan.

ii. 82. Bartota Burdeos [Curilan].

iii. 83. Wenceslawa Butao [Curilan].

21. Roman Rosales.

22. Andres Rosales.

23. Ambrocia Montilla [Rosales]. She married Valeriano Montilla.

Children of Ambrocia Montilla [Rosales] and Valeriano Montilla

i. 84. Evangelista Buyan [Montilla].

ii. 85. Benjamin Montilla.

24. Adriana Funesto.

25. Pantaleon Rosales.

26. Narciso Rosales.

27. Pedro Rosales.

28. Romano Rosales. He married Ignacia Rosales [Bokingo].

Children of Romano Rosales and Ignacia Rosales [Bokingo]

i. 86. Lorenza Busa [Rosales].

ii. 87. Fortunata Busa [Rosales].

iii. 88. Maria Rosales.

iv. 89. Angel Rosales.

v. 90. Bonifacio Rosales.

vi. 91. Juan Rosales.

vii. 92. Francisca Flores [Rosales].

viii. 93. Fortunato Rosales.

ix. 94. Pio Rosales.

x. 95. Polok Rosales.

29. Juana Sanchez [Rosales]. She married Numeriano Atega Sanchez.

Children of Juana Sanchez [Rosales] and Numeriano Atega Sanchez

i. 96. Francisco Sanchez.

ii. 97. Juan Sanchez.

iii. 98. Geronimo Sanchez.

iv. 99. Macario Sanchez.

v. 100. Dolores Sanchez.

vi. 101. Severo Sanchez.

vii. 102. Cornelia Azote [Sanchez].

viii. 103. Nieves Calo [Sanchez].

30. Francisca Calo [Rosales]. She married Toribio Embo Piencenaves Calo.

Children of Francisca Calo [Rosales] and Toribio Embo Piencenaves Calo

i. 104. Cristina Dumago [Calo].

ii. 105. Roberta Calo.

iii. 106. Maria Azote [Calo].

iv. 107. Josefa Burdeos [Calo].

v. 108. Margarita Fortun [Calo].

vi. 109. Rosario Toron [Calo].

vii. 110. Angel Calo.

viii. 111. Encarnacion Calo.

ix. 112. Elena Gacula [Calo].

x. 113. Jose Calo.

31. Maria Azura [Rosales]. She married Dionesio Azura.

Children of Maria Azura [Rosales] and Dionesio Azura

i. 114. Ambrocio Azura.

ii. 115. Domingo Azura.

iii. 116. Lucilia Alfaro [Azura].

32. Marta Osinaga [Rosales]. She married Nicario Osinaga.

33. Eduarda Dualda Radaza [Rosales]. She married Mateo Radaza.

Children of Eduarda Dualda Radaza [Rosales] and Mateo Radaza

i. 117. Taciana Radaza.

ii. 118. Thelma Radaza.

34. Apo Inko Yuson [Rosales]. She married Man Yuson.

Children of Apo Inko Yuson [Rosales] and Man Yuson

i. 119. Magdalena Rosales.

ii. 120. Ramon Rosales.

iii. 121. Eleuterio Rosales.

iv. 122. Manuel Rosales.

v. 123. Monserrat Rosales.

35. Eusebo Rosales. He married Teodora Rosales [Atega].

Children of Eusebo Rosales and Teodora Rosales [Atega]

i. 124. Juan Rosales.

36. Hermegildo Rosales. He married Rosales.

Children of Hermegildo Rosales and Rosales

i. 125. Isidro Rosales.

ii. 126. Guillermo Rosales.

37. Gabriella Libarnes [Rosales]. She married Pedro Libarnes.

Children of Gabriella Libarnes [Rosales] and Pedro Libarnes

i. 127. Anna del Rosario [Libarnes].

ii. 128. Saturnino Libarnes.

iii. 129. Francisca Lachica [Libarnes].

iv. 130. Jose Libarnes.

v. 131. Concepcion Cervantes [Libarnes].

vi. 132. Ramon Libarnes.

vii. 133. Ignacio Libarnes.

38. Canuto Rosales. He married 1st Ramona Rosales [Villanueva]. He married 2nd Macaria Rosales [Atega].

Children of Canuto Rosales and Ramona Rosales [Villanueva]

i. 134. Carmen Azura [Rosales].

ii. 135. Eusebio Rosales.

iii. 136. Elisa Ochoa [Rosales].

iv. 137. Paz Domine [Rosales].

v. 138. Jose Rosales.

Children of Canuto Rosales and Macaria Rosales [Atega]

vi. 139. Cleotilde Rosales.

vii. 140. David Rosales.

viii. 141. Justin Rosales.

ix. 142. Rolumo Rosales.

39. Maria Trillo [Rosales]. She married Simeon Trillo.

Children of Maria Trillo [Rosales] and Simeon Trillo

i. 143. Caridad Elumba [Trillo].

ii. 144. Ernesto Trillo.

40. Petrona Lopez [Rosales]. She married Dienicio Lopez.

Children of Petrona Lopez [Rosales] and Dienicio Lopez

i. 145. Samuel Lopez.

41. Camito Rosales.

42. Guemersindo Rosales. He married 1st Celestina Rosales [Montalban]. He married 2nd Rosario Calo Rosales [Sanchez].

Children of Guemersindo Rosales and Celestina Rosales [Montalban]

i. 146. Maximo Rosales.

ii. 147. Dolores Servillon [Rosales].

iii. 148. Paz Santos [Rosales].

iv. 149. Maria Rosales.

v. 150. Jaime Rosales.

vi. 151. Pura Cabrera [Rosales].

vii. 152. Epafredito Rosales.

Children of Guemersindo Rosales and Rosario Calo Rosales [Sanchez]

viii. 153. Rafael Rosales.

ix. 154. Antonio Rosales.

x. 155. Anna Vicenta Rosales.

xi. 156. Arturo Rosales.

43. Tomas Rosales. He married Anselma Rosales [Burdeos].

Children of Tomas Rosales and Anselma Rosales [Burdeos]

i. 157. Andrea Cocon [Rosales].

ii. 158. Mariano Rosales.

iii. 159. Macaria Canlas [Rosales].

44. Victorio Rosales.

45. Regino Rosales died on an unknown date. He married Eleuteria Rosales [Atega].

Children of Regino Rosales and Eleuteria Rosales [Atega]

i. 160. Pedro Rosales died on an unknown date.

ii. 161. Honoria Corvera [Rosales].

iii. 162. Eleuterio Rosales.

iv. 163. Carmen Cassion [Rosales].

v. 164. Diego Rosales.

vi. 165. Jose Rosales.

vii. 166. Elegio Rosales.

46. Andrica Corvera [Rosales]. She married Florencio Corvera.

Children of Andrica Corvera [Rosales] and Florencio Corvera

i. 167. Lucrecia Corvera.

ii. 168. Soledad Veloria [Corvera].

iii. 169. Josefa Corvera.

iv. 170. Maria Corvera.

v. 171. Rosario Torralba [Corvera].

vi. 172. Joaquin Corvera.

vii. 173. Sabino Corvera.

viii. 174. Ignacio Corvera.

47. Pelagia Calo [Rosales]. She married Gregorio Calo.

Children of Pelagia Calo [Rosales] and Gregorio Calo

i. 175. Filomeno Calo.

ii. 176. Pilar Montilla [Calo].

iii. 177. Natividad Cassion [Calo].

iv. 178. Mercedes Galicia [Calo].

v. 179. Carmen Gallarde [Calo].

vi. 180. Jose Calo.

vii. 181. Teresa Garcia [Calo].

viii. 182. Jacoba Calo.

48. Silveria Rosales.

49. Engracia Villanueva [Rosales]. She married Jose Villanueva.

Children of Engracia Villanueva [Rosales] and Jose Villanueva

i. 183. Josefa Calo [Villanueva].

ii. 184. Jose Villanueva.

iii. 185. Priscilla Cembrano [Villanueva].

iv. 186. Socorro Magno [Villanueva].

v. 187. Bernardo Villanueva.

vi. 188. Diego Villanueva.

vii. 189. Aurora Villanueva.

50. Josefa Arlos Rosales.

51. Gregorio Dewata Rosales.

52. Gregorio Loquite. He married Zoila Rosales Loquite [Curilan].

Children of Gregorio Loquite and Zoila Rosales Loquite [Curilan]

i. 190. Carmen Trillo [Loquite].

53. Josefa Rosales.

54. Gregorio Rosales.

55. Gregorio Rosales.

56. Josefa Curilan [Arcos]. She married Man Curilan.

Children of Josefa Curilan [Arcos] and Man Curilan

i. 191. Premetiva Rosales [Curilan].

ii. 192. Agripino Curilan.

iii. 193. Laparo Curilan.

iv. 194. Anastacia Oropa [Curilan].

4th Generation (Great-grandchildren)

57. Cirpriana Burdeos Sanchez [Rosales]. She married Leocario Sanchez.

Children of Cirpriana Burdeos Sanchez [Rosales] and Leocario Sanchez

i. 195. Teodora Martinez [Sanchez].

ii. 196. Gorgonio Sanchez.

iii. 197. Amorlino Sanchez.

iv. 198. Fausto Sanchez.

v. 199. Esperanza Villanueva [Sanchez].

vi. 200. Cipriano Sanchez.

vii. 201. Isabel Conde [Sanchez].

viii. 202. Eugenio Sanchez.

ix. 203. Meteo Sanchez.

58. Isidro Rosales. He married 1st Eulalia Rosales [Curilan]. He married 2nd Balbina Rosales [Corvera].

Children of Isidro Rosales and Eulalia Rosales [Curilan]

i. 204. Nicolas Rosales.

ii. 205. Dionesio Rosales.

iii. 206. Andres Rosales.

iv. 207. Gertrudes Rosales.

Children of Isidro Rosales and Balbina Rosales [Corvera]

v. 208. Zacarion Rosales.

vi. 209. Pio Rosales.

59. Cecilia Rosales. She married 1st Mateo Sanchez. She married 2nd Adolfo Sanchez.

Children of Cecilia Rosales and Adolfo Sanchez

i. 210. Dolores Cupin [Sanchez].

60. Catalino Rosales. He married Consolacion Rosales [Sanchez].

Children of Catalino Rosales and Consolacion Rosales [Sanchez]

i. 211. Restituto Rosales.

ii. 212. Maria Rosales.

iii. 213. Gregorio Rosales.

iv. 214. Nieves Aya [Rosales].

v. 215. Jose Rosales.

vi. 216. Francisco Rosales.

vii. 217. Alejandrio Rosales.

viii. 218. Pedro Rosales.

61. Antonia Funesto [Rosales]. She married Ramon Funesto.

Children of Antonia Funesto [Rosales] and Ramon Funesto

i. 219. Pablo Funesto.

ii. 220. Blas Funesto.

iii. 221. Pilar Dumanon [Funesto].

iv. 222. Socorro Radaza [Funesto].

62. Pablo Funesto.

63. Blas Funesto.

64. Pilar Dumanon [Funesto]. She married Damaso Dumanon.

Children of Pilar Dumanon [Funesto] and Damaso Dumanon

i. 223. Teclita Dumanon.

65. Socorro Radaza [Funesto]. She married David Radaza.

Children of Socorro Radaza [Funesto] and David Radaza

i. 224. Matilde Cembrano [Radaza].

ii. 225. Salvador Radaza.

66. Francisco Sanchez.

67. Luis Sanchez.

68. Bartolome Sanchez. He married 1st Maria Sanchez [Radaza]. He married 2nd Maxima Sanchez [Jaen].

Children of Bartolome Sanchez and Maria Sanchez [Radaza]

i. 226. Josefina Garcia [Sanchez].

ii. 227. Guillermo Sanchez.

iii. 228. Francisca Sanchez.

Children of Bartolome Sanchez and Maxima Sanchez [Jaen]

iv. 229. Paticionio Fernandez [Sanchez].

v. 230. Milagros de Guzman [Sanchez].

vi. 231. Lourdes Noem [Sanchez].

vii. 232. Perla Luna [Sanchez].

viii. 233. Hildelita Abrantes [Sanchez].

ix. 234. Bartolome Sanchez.

69. Ambrocio Sanchez. He married Pelagia Sanchez [Butil].

Children of Ambrocio Sanchez and Pelagia Sanchez [Butil]

i. 235. Ismael Sanchez.

ii. 236. Flora Luminarias [Sanchez].

iii. 237. Hermina Go [Sanchez].

iv. 238. Gemelina Arriola [Sanchez].

70. Francsica Guingona [Sanchez]. She married Generoso Guingona.

Children of Francsica Guingona [Sanchez] and Generoso Guingona

i. 239. Imelda Dizon [Guingona].

ii. 240. Augusto Guingona.

iii. 241. Corazon Legaspi [Guingona].

iv. 242. Teresita Guingona.

v. 243. Honey Guingona.

71. Faustino Sanchez. He married Irene Botistic Sanchez [Portitlo].

Children of Faustino Sanchez and Irene Botistic Sanchez [Portitlo]

i. 244. Antonio Sanchez.

ii. 245. Marcelo Sanchez.

iii. 246. Artemio Sanchez.

iv. 247. Sulpicio Sanchez.

v. 248. Clarencio Sanchez.

vi. 249. Reynaldo Sanchez.

vii. 250. Gloria Sanchez.

72. Natalia Roque [Sanchez]. She married Alfonso Roque.

Children of Natalia Roque [Sanchez] and Alfonso Roque

i. 251. Perfecta Bautista [Roque].

ii. 252. Alfonso Jr Roque.

iii. 253. Norma de Vera [Roque].

iv. 254. Claudio Roque.

v. 255. Jose Roque.

vi. 256. Maritez Roque.

vii. 257. Rosalinda Roque.

73. Andredo Sanchez. He married Concepcion Sanchez [Buenaventura].

Children of Andredo Sanchez and Concepcion Sanchez [Buenaventura]

i. 258. Adelaida Carvajal [Sanchez].

ii. 259. Imelda Cupillar [Sanchez].

iii. 260. Olvecio Sanchez.

iv. 261. Lucita Canonoy [Sanchez].

v. 262. Paquito Sanchez.

vi. 263. Tata Judagan [Sanchez].

vii. 264. Andres Sanchez.

74. Simon Bustillo.

75. Cipriano Bustillo. He married 1st Isidia Bustillo [Plaza]. He married 2nd Concepcion Bustillo [Sanchez].

Children of Cipriano Bustillo and Isidia Bustillo [Plaza]

i. 265. Rita Ago [Bustillo].

Children of Cipriano Bustillo and Concepcion Bustillo [Sanchez]

ii. 266. Apolinio Bustillo.

iii. 267. Marietta Bustillo.

76. Ana Bustillo. She married 1st Guillermo Burdeos. She married 2nd Crispiniano Reyes.

Children of Ana Bustillo and Guillermo Burdeos

i. 268. Eutiquio Burdeos.

ii. 269. Calixto Burdeos.

Children of Ana Bustillo and Crispiniano Reyes

iii. 270. Wilfredo Reyes.

iv. 271. Bernardo Reyes.

77. Agustina Torralba [Bustillo]. She married Lazarro Torralba.

Children of Agustina Torralba [Bustillo] and Lazarro Torralba

i. 272. Herminia Torralba.

ii. 273. Alita Torralba.

iii. 274. Marietta Torralba.

iv. 275. Norma Torralba.

v. 276. Solita Torralba.

vi. 277. Antonio Torralba.

78. Isabel Curato [Bustillo]. She married Decoro Curato.

Children of Isabel Curato [Bustillo] and Decoro Curato

i. 278. Concepcion Curato.

ii. 279. Sosita Curato.

iii. 280. Isabel Curato.

79. Felix Burdeos.

80. Maria Buyan [Burdeos]. She married Victoriano Buyan.

81. Carmeta Curilan. She married 1st Baltazar Fumeso. She married 2nd Bautista Calo.

Children of Carmeta Curilan and Bautista Calo

i. 281. Paterno Calo.

ii. 282. Francisco Calo.

iii. 283. Florentino Calo.

iv. 284. Severino Calo.

82. Bartota Burdeos [Curilan]. She married Flaviano Burdeos.

Children of Bartota Burdeos [Curilan] and Flaviano Burdeos

i. 285. Vicente Burdeos.

ii. 286. Jose Burdeos.

iii. 287. Bernardo Burdeos.

83. Wenceslawa Butao [Curilan]. She married Gerenimo Butao.

Children of Wenceslawa Butao [Curilan] and Gerenimo Butao

i. 288. Celestino Butao.

ii. 289. Manuel Butao.

84. Evangelista Buyan [Montilla]. She married Jose Buyan.

85. Benjamin Montilla.

Children of Benjamin Montilla

i. 290. Epifanio Montilla.

ii. 291. Nestor Montilla.

86. Lorenza Busa [Rosales]. She married Fortunato Busa.

87. Fortunata Busa [Rosales]. She married Man Busa.

Children of Fortunata Busa [Rosales] and Man Busa

i. 292. Celestino Busa.

88. Maria Rosales. She married 1st H Suazo. She married 2nd Man Alutaya.

Children of Maria Rosales and H Suazo

i. 293. Rita Dumanon [Suazo].

ii. 294. Anatolia Suazo.

Children of Maria Rosales and Man Alutaya

iii. 295. Matilde Davide [Alutaya].

iv. 296. Justina Emboy [Alutaya].

v. 297. Jose Alutaya.

89. Angel Rosales. He married Consoria Rosales [Villanueva].

Children of Angel Rosales and Consoria Rosales [Villanueva]

i. 298. Jose Rosales.

ii. 299. Manuel Rosales.

iii. 300. Eufrenio Rosales.

iv. 301. Rosario Tupaz [Rosales].

v. 302. Carmen Sanchez [Rosales].

vi. 303. Gracia Go [Rosales].

vii. 304. Santos Rosales.

viii. 305. Panfilo Rosales.

90. Bonifacio Rosales. He married Brigida Rosales [Curato].

Children of Bonifacio Rosales and Brigida Rosales [Curato]

i. 306. Aurelia Rosales.

ii. 307. Eleuterio Rosales.

iii. 308. Minas Rosales.

iv. 309. Crecencia Bongato [Rosales].

v. 310. Maria Brillantes [Rosales].

vi. 311. Estela Galindo [Rosales].

91. Juan Rosales. He married Ika Rosales [Montalban].

Children of Juan Rosales and Ika Rosales [Montalban]

i. 312. Dolores Rosales.

92. Francisca Flores [Rosales]. She married Teodoro Flores.

Children of Francisca Flores [Rosales] and Teodoro Flores

i. 313. Pilar Viray [Flores].

93. Fortunato Rosales. He married Woman Rosales [Busa].

94. Pio Rosales. He married Asuncion Rosales [Sanchez].

Children of Pio Rosales and Asuncion Rosales [Sanchez]

i. 314. Josefa Rosales.

ii. 315. Sesencio Rosales.

iii. 316. Apolonio Rosales.

iv. 317. Modesto Rosales.

95. Polok Rosales.

96. Francisco Sanchez. He married Eugenia Sanchez [Busa].

97. Juan Sanchez. He married 1st Maria Sanchez [Jamboy]. He married 2nd Soledad Sanchez [Espina].

98. Geronimo Sanchez. He married Ciriaca Sanchez [Montilla].

Children of Geronimo Sanchez and Ciriaca Sanchez [Montilla]

i. 318. Nonita Gonzaga [Sanchez].

ii. 319. Severiana Pacana [Sanchez].

iii. 320. Dominica Calo [Sanchez].

iv. 321. Marciana Burdeos [Sanchez].

v. 322. Lucia Calo [Sanchez].

99. Macario Sanchez. He married Eusebia Sanchez [More].

Children of Macario Sanchez and Eusebia Sanchez [More]

i. 323. Jardemio Sanchez.

100. Dolores Sanchez. She married 1st Eusebio Durban. She married 2nd Fausto Bangnio.

Children of Dolores Sanchez and Eusebio Durban

i. 324. Juan Durban.

Children of Dolores Sanchez and Fausto Bangnio

ii. 325. Luis Bangnio.

iii. 326. Asteria Ozon [Bangnio].

101. Severo Sanchez. He married Emelia Sanchez [Gabor].

Children of Severo Sanchez and Emelia Sanchez [Gabor]

i. 327. Suertelo Sanchez.

ii. 328. Rene Sanchez.

iii. 329. Westeria Enriquez [Sanchez].

iv. 330. Wilhelma Sanchez.

v. 331. Helenida Raniel [Sanchez].

102. Cornelia Azote [Sanchez]. She married Resituto Azote.

Children of Cornelia Azote [Sanchez] and Resituto Azote

i. 332. Teresita Alegarbes [Azote].

103. Nieves Calo [Sanchez]. She married Piencenaves Calo.

104. Cristina Dumago [Calo]. She married Perfecto Dumago.

Children of Cristina Dumago [Calo] and Perfecto Dumago

i. 333. Alfonso Dumago.

ii. 334. Funesto Dumago.

iii. 335. Juan Dumago.

iv. 336. Josefina Dumago.

v. 337. Joaquin Dumago.

105. Roberta Calo.

106. Maria Azote [Calo]. She married Eleuterio Azote.

Children of Maria Azote [Calo] and Eleuterio Azote

i. 338. Tirso Azote.

ii. 339. Marcos Azote.

iii. 340. Clementino Azote.

iv. 341. Natividad Azote.

v. 342. Petrona Azote.

107. Josefa Burdeos [Calo]. She married Dionico Burdeos.

Children of Josefa Burdeos [Calo] and Dionico Burdeos

i. 343. Dolores Burdeos.

ii. 344. Bonifacio Burdeos.

iii. 345. Jose Burdeos.

iv. 346. Dionisia Burdeos.

v. 347. Salvador Burdeos.

vi. 348. Rosario Burdeos.

vii. 349. Norberto Burdeos.

viii. 350. Lourdes Burdeos.

ix. 351. Pedro Burdeos.

x. 352. Priscilla Burdeos.

108. Margarita Fortun [Calo]. She married Ignacio Fortun.

Children of Margarita Fortun [Calo] and Ignacio Fortun

i. 353. Juan Carlo Fortun.

ii. 354. Catalina Fortun.

iii. 355. Maria Fortun.

iv. 356. Josefina Fortun.

109. Rosario Toron [Calo]. She married Antonio Toron.

110. Angel Calo.

111. Encarnacion Calo. She married 1st Nicolas Bermoy. She married 2nd Pedro Sabijon.

Children of Encarnacion Calo and Nicolas Bermoy

i. 357. Jose Bermoy.

Children of Encarnacion Calo and Pedro Sabijon

ii. 358. Marcelina Sabijon.

iii. 359. Constantino Sabijon.

iv. 360. Dominador Sabijon.

v. 361. Olegario Sabijon.

vi. 362. Celestina Sabijon.

vii. 363. Felicidad Sabijon.

viii. 364. Gloria Sabijon.

ix. 365. Josefina Sabijon.

x. 366. Ben Hur Sabijon.

xi. 367. Marietta Sabijon.

112. Elena Gacula [Calo]. She married Maximo Gacula.

Children of Elena Gacula [Calo] and Maximo Gacula

i. 368. Elena Gacula.

ii. 369. Numeriano Gacula.

iii. 370. Jaime Gacula.

iv. 371. Ester Gacula.

v. 372. Lucia Gacula.

vi. 373. Rosita Gacula.

vii. 374. Maximo Jr Gacula.

viii. 375. Teresita Gacula.

ix. 376. Consuelo Gacula.

x. 377. Nenita Gacula.

113. Jose Calo. He married Petrona Calo [Montilla].

Children of Jose Calo and Petrona Calo [Montilla]

i. 378. Luminosa Calo.

ii. 379. Cleotilde Calo.

iii. 380. Adolfo Calo.

iv. 381. Julita Calo.

v. 382. Vicente Calo.

114. Ambrocio Azura.

Children of Ambrocio Azura

i. 383. Basilio Azura.

115. Domingo Azura. He married 1st Azura. He married 2nd Ani Azura [Culon].

Children of Domingo Azura and Azura

i. 384. Baltazara Azura.

ii. 385. Annie Azura.

116. Lucilia Alfaro [Azura]. She married Man Alfaro.

Children of Lucilia Alfaro [Azura] and Man Alfaro

i. 386. Aurito Alfaro.

ii. 387. Betty Alfaro.

117. Taciana Radaza.

118. Thelma Radaza.

119. Magdalena Rosales.

120. Ramon Rosales. He married Soteria Rosales [Furia].

Children of Ramon Rosales and Soteria Rosales [Furia]

i. 388. Artemio Rosales.

ii. 389. Belino Rosales.

iii. 390. Corazon Rosales.

121. Eleuterio Rosales.

122. Manuel Rosales. He married Leonora Urduja Villanueva Rosales [Calo].

Children of Manuel Rosales and Leonora Urduja Villanueva Rosales [Calo]

i. 391. Natividad Rosales.

ii. 392. Concepcion Busico [Rosales].

iii. 393. Mercedes Quiñones [Rosales].

iv. 394. Monserrat Aguilar [Rosales].

v. 395. Eumelia Beros [Rosales].

123. Monserrat Rosales. He married Leonicia Villanueva Rosales [Calo].

124. Juan Rosales. He married Anselma Rosales [Duro].

Children of Juan Rosales and Anselma Rosales [Duro]

i. 396. Conrado Rosales.

ii. 397. Isabel Rosales.

iii. 398. Florencio Rosales.

125. Isidro Rosales.

126. Guillermo Rosales.

127. Anna del Rosario [Libarnes]. She married Fortunato del Rosario.

Children of Anna del Rosario [Libarnes] and Fortunato del Rosario

i. 399. Natividad Balanon [del Rosario].

ii. 400. M Manabat [del Rosario].

iii. 401. Amparo del Rosario.

iv. 402. Saturnino del Rosario.

128. Saturnino Libarnes. He married Dolored Libarnes [Villanueva].

Children of Saturnino Libarnes and Dolored Libarnes [Villanueva]

i. 403. Visitacion Bringas [Libarnes].

ii. 404. Francisca Libarnes.

iii. 405. Anastactio Libarnes.

iv. 406. Ruben Libarnes.

v. 407. Wenceslao Libarnes.

vi. 408. Joel Libarnes.

vii. 409. Rafael Libarnes.

viii. 410. Aida Lolingco [Libarnes].

ix. 411. Saturnino Libarnes, Jr..

x. 412. Maria Libarnes.

129. Francisca Lachica [Libarnes]. She married Man Lachica.

Children of Francisca Lachica [Libarnes] and Man Lachica

i. 413. Rosita Milo [Lachica].

ii. 414. Jose Lachica.

iii. 415. Alfredo Lachica.

iv. 416. Clarita Lachica.

v. 417. Maria Lachica.

130. Jose Libarnes. He married Potenciana Libarnes [Matias].

Children of Jose Libarnes and Potenciana Libarnes [Matias]

i. 418. Paz Libarnes.

ii. 419. Casilda Arriola [Libarnes].

iii. 420. Flora Matias Novalta [Libarnes].

iv. 421. Belen Libarnes.

v. 422. Elena Burata [Libarnes].

vi. 423. Molly Libarnes.

vii. 424. Jose Libarnes.

viii. 425. Leliane Libarnes.

ix. 426. Edisa Libarnes.

131. Concepcion Cervantes [Libarnes]. She married Gaudencio Cervantes.

Children of Concepcion Cervantes [Libarnes] and Gaudencio Cervantes

i. 427. Josefina Cervantes.

ii. 428. Trinidad Cervantes.

iii. 429. Luz Cervantes.

iv. 430. Elena Cervantes.

v. 431. Manuel Cervantes.

vi. 432. Elvira Cervantes.

132. Ramon Libarnes. He married Libarnes [Priscilla].

Children of Ramon Libarnes and Libarnes [Priscilla]

i. 433. Sally Libarnes.

ii. 434. Ramoncito Libarnes.

133. Ignacio Libarnes. He married 1st Ist Libarnes [wife]. He married 2nd 2nd Libarnes [wife].

Children of Ignacio Libarnes and Ist Libarnes [wife]

i. 435. Vicente Libarnes.

Children of Ignacio Libarnes and 2nd Libarnes [wife]

ii. 436. Benjamin Libarnes.

134. Carmen Azura [Rosales]. She married Luis Azura.

Children of Carmen Azura [Rosales] and Luis Azura

i. 437. Olivia Fernandez [Azura].

ii. 438. Cesar Azura.

iii. 439. Remedios Salcedo [Azura].

iv. 440. Helena Manlunas [Azura].

v. 441. Florencia Jimenez [Azura].

vi. 442. Luis Azura.

vii. 443. Paul Azura.

135. Eusebio Rosales.

136. Elisa Ochoa [Rosales]. She married Enrique Ochoa.

Children of Elisa Ochoa [Rosales] and Enrique Ochoa

i. 444. Minda Ochoa.

ii. 445. Aida Veloso [Ochoa].

137. Paz Domine [Rosales]. She married Geronimo Domine.

Children of Paz Domine [Rosales] and Geronimo Domine

i. 446. Julius Domine.

ii. 447. Nicasio Domine.

iii. 448. Clarita Domine.

iv. 449. Calvino Domine.

v. 450. Homer Domine.

138. Jose Rosales. He married Leonar Rosales [Valenzuela].

Children of Jose Rosales and Leonar Rosales [Valenzuela]

i. 451. Jose Rosales.

ii. 452. Elisa Rosales.

iii. 453. Diego Rosales.

139. Cleotilde Rosales.

140. David Rosales. He married Socorro Rosales [Cordero].

Children of David Rosales and Socorro Rosales [Cordero]

i. 454. Lydia Rosales.

141. Justin Rosales. He married Consolacion Rosales [Gonzales].

Children of Justin Rosales and Consolacion Rosales [Gonzales]

i. 455. Antonio Rosales.

ii. 456. Florenda Rosales.

iii. 457. Elenita Rosales.

iv. 458. Virgina Rosales.

142. Rolumo Rosales. He married 1st Benigna Rosales [Boco]. He married 2nd Other Rosales [women].

Children of Rolumo Rosales and Other Rosales [women]

i. 459. Napoleon Rosales.

ii. 460. Aurora Rosales.

143. Caridad Elumba [Trillo]. She married Hilarion Elumba.

Children of Caridad Elumba [Trillo] and Hilarion Elumba

i. 461. Gloria Elumba.

ii. 462. Marietta Caballos [Elumba].

iii. 463. Vigilio Elumba.

iv. 464. Letecia San Diego [Elumba].

v. 465. Milagros Marquez [Elumba].

vi. 466. Aster Elumba.

144. Ernesto Trillo. He married Juan Trillo [dela Rosa].

Children of Ernesto Trillo and Juan Trillo [dela Rosa]

i. 467. Ernesto Trillo.

ii. 468. Corazon del Prado [Trillo].

iii. 469. Eduardo Trillo.

iv. 470. Alam Trillo.

v. 471. Teresita Trillo.

vi. 472. Benilda Trillo.

vii. 473. Edgardo Trillo.

viii. 474. Rosario Trillo.

ix. 475. Elpedio Trillo.

145. Samuel Lopez. He married Teodora Lopez [Navarro].

Children of Samuel Lopez and Teodora Lopez [Navarro]

i. 476. Teresita Pascual [Lopez].

ii. 477. Samuel Lopez.

iii. 478. Melecio Lopez.

iv. 479. Ida Lopez.

v. 480. Alma Sanchez [Lopez].

vi. 481. Manuel Lopez.

vii. 482. Revelina Cembrano [Lopez].

viii. 483. Virgilio Lopez.

ix. 484. Napoleon Ag-agam [Lopez].

x. 485. Aurora Lopez.

xi. 486. Fe Lopez.

146. Maximo Rosales.

147. Dolores Servillon [Rosales]. She married Felizardo Servillon.

Children of Dolores Servillon [Rosales] and Felizardo Servillon

i. 487. Virgilio Servillon.

ii. 488. Teresita Velasco [Servillon].

iii. 489. Clemendeau Servillon.

iv. 490. Bernadita Servillon.

v. 491. Joselito Servillon.

148. Paz Santos [Rosales]. She married Teofilo Santos.

Children of Paz Santos [Rosales] and Teofilo Santos

i. 492. Valentino Santos.

ii. 493. Rosalino Santos.

149. Maria Rosales.

150. Jaime Rosales. He married Josefina Rosales [Aquio].

Children of Jaime Rosales and Josefina Rosales [Aquio]

i. 494. Elizabeth Rosales.

ii. 495. Evelyn Rosales.

iii. 496. Jaime Rosales.

151. Pura Cabrera [Rosales]. She married Manuel Cabrera.

Children of Pura Cabrera [Rosales] and Manuel Cabrera

i. 497. Antonio Cabrera.

ii. 498. Emmanuel Cabrera.

iii. 499. Victor Cabrera.

iv. 500. Carmelita Cabrera.

152. Epafredito Rosales. He married Pacita Rosales [Susuki].

Children of Epafredito Rosales and Pacita Rosales [Susuki]

i. 501. Ireneo Rosales.

ii. 502. Eleva Santa Maria [Rosales].

iii. 503. Guemercindo Rosales.

iv. 504. Michael Rosales.

v. 505. Jove Navarra [Rosales].

153. Rafael Rosales.

154. Antonio Rosales.

155. Anna Vicenta Rosales.

156. Arturo Rosales.

157. Andrea Cocon [Rosales]. She married Bonifacio Cocon.

Children of Andrea Cocon [Rosales] and Bonifacio Cocon

i. 506. Marcelino Cocon.

ii. 507. Tomas Cocon.

iii. 508. Salvadora Cocon.

iv. 509. Aurelia Cocon.

v. 510. Santiago Cocon.

vi. 511. Isabelo Cocon.

vii. 512. Bonifacio Cocon.

viii. 513. Carmen Canonoy [Cocon].

ix. 514. Gonzalo Cocon.

x. 515. Benjamin Cocon.

158. Mariano Rosales. He married Josefa Rosales [Dumanon].

Children of Mariano Rosales and Josefa Rosales [Dumanon]

i. 516. Fausto Rosales.

ii. 517. Frustoso Rosales.

iii. 518. Pedro Rosales.

iv. 519. Maria Rosales.

159. Macaria Canlas [Rosales]. She married Luis Canlas.

Children of Macaria Canlas [Rosales] and Luis Canlas

i. 520. Alejandro Canlas.

160. Pedro Rosales died on an unknown date. He married Carmen Rosales [Villanueva], daughter of Alejandro Villanueva and Paula Villanueva [Dumago].

Children of Pedro Rosales and Carmen Rosales [Villanueva]

i. 521. Natividad Rosales was born in 1903 and died in 1978.

ii. 522. Ana Rosales.

iii. 523. Pacifico Rosales.

iv. 524. Rogaciano Rosales.

v. 525. Lourdes Rosales.

vi. 526. Rosa Rosales.

vii. 527. Jaime Rosales.

viii. 528. Luis Rosales.

ix. Apolinar Rosales

161. Honoria Corvera [Rosales]. She married Juan Corvera.

Children of Honoria Corvera [Rosales] and Juan Corvera

i. 529. Conchita Ranario [Corvera].

ii. 530. Teresita Sueva [Corvera].

iii. 531. Felipe Corvera.

162. Eleuterio Rosales. He married Natalia Rosales [Atienza].

Children of Eleuterio Rosales and Natalia Rosales [Atienza]

i. 532. Raymnundo Jr Rosales.

ii. 533. Joaquina Atienza Tecson [Rosales].

iii. 534. Isidro Rosales.

iv. 535. Juan Rosales.

v. 536. Bienvenido Rosales.

vi. 537. Felicidad Rosales.

vii. 538. Mariano Rosales.

viii. 539. Novilla Buzon [Rosales].

163. Carmen Cassion [Rosales]. She married Mariano Cassion.

Children of Carmen Cassion [Rosales] and Mariano Cassion

i. 540. Luz Fortun [Cassion].

ii. 541. Eusebio Cassion.

iii. 542. Gloria Jakosalem [Cassion].

iv. 543. Cristina Cassion.

v. 544. Veronica Sescon [Cassion].

vi. 545. Remedios Sanchez [Cassion].

164. Diego Rosales. He married Baltazara Rosales [Azua].

Children of Diego Rosales and Baltazara Rosales [Azua]

i. 546. Francisca Rosales.

ii. 547. Vicente Rosales.

iii. 548. Nanette Rosales.

iv. 549. Ramon Rosales.

v. 550. Consorio Rosales.

vi. 551. Ismael Rosales.

vii. 552. Estella Pajarillo [Rosales].

viii. 553. Willy Rosales.

ix. 554. Urbano Rosales.

x. 555. Josefina Togonon [Rosales].

xi. 556. Consolacion Natividad Rosales.

xii. 557. Lucia Domine [Rosales].

xiii. 558. Porcillo Rosales.

165. Jose Rosales. He married Concepcion Rosales [Sanchez].

Children of Jose Rosales and Concepcion Rosales [Sanchez]

i. 559. Thelma Rosales.

ii. 560. Romeo Rosales.

iii. 561. Regino Rosales.

iv. 562. Amelia Rosales.

v. 563. Napoleon Rosales.

vi. 564. Imperia Abrantes [Rosales].

vii. 565. Jorge Rosales.

viii. 566. Victor Rosales.

166. Elegio Rosales. He married Juana Rosales [Cassion].

Children of Elegio Rosales and Juana Rosales [Cassion]

i. 567. Virgilio Rosales.

ii. 568. Juanito Rosales.

iii. 569. Augusto Rosales.

iv. 570. Pablo Rosales.

v. 571. Antonio Rosales.

vi. 572. Rolando Rosales.

vii. 573. Eligio Jr Rosales.

167. Lucrecia Corvera.

168. Soledad Veloria [Corvera]. She married Feliciano Veloria.

Children of Soledad Veloria [Corvera] and Feliciano Veloria

i. 574. Remedios Rosales [Veloria].

ii. 575. Jaime Veloria.

iii. 576. Jose Veloria.

169. Josefa Corvera.

170. Maria Corvera.

171. Rosario Torralba [Corvera]. She married Macario Torralba.

Children of Rosario Torralba [Corvera] and Macario Torralba

i. 577. Felicidad Liboon [Torralba].

172. Joaquin Corvera. He married Josefa Corvera [Montalban].

Children of Joaquin Corvera and Josefa Corvera [Montalban]

i. 578. Andres Corvera.

173. Sabino Corvera.

174. Ignacio Corvera.

175. Filomeno Calo.

176. Pilar Montilla [Calo]. She married Bonifacio Montilla.

177. Natividad Cassion [Calo]. She married Filomeno Cassion.

178. Mercedes Galicia [Calo]. She married David Galicia.

Children of Mercedes Galicia [Calo] and David Galicia

i. 579. Soledad Arsinas [Galicia].

ii. 580. Vicente Galicia.

iii. 581. Numeriano Galicia.

179. Carmen Gallarde [Calo]. She married Dionesio Gallarde.

Children of Carmen Gallarde [Calo] and Dionesio Gallarde

i. 582. Natividad Gallarde.

ii. 583. Cilinia Gallarde.

iii. 584. Maria Pareja [Gallarde].

iv. 585. Ambrosio Gallarde.

v. 586. Florencia Gallarde.

180. Jose Calo. He married 1st Antonia Calo [Sanchez]. He married 2nd Mina Calo [Rosales]. He married 3rd Amparo Calo [Amoroso].

Children of Jose Calo and Antonia Calo [Sanchez]

i. 587. Hernando Calo.

ii. 588. Teodoro Calo.

iii. 589. Amalia Calo.

iv. 590. Gregorio Calo.

v. 591. Teresita Calo.

vi. 592. Filomena Calo.

vii. 593. Mercedes Calo.

viii. 594. Jose Jr Calo.

ix. 595. Alice Calo.

Children of Jose Calo and Mina Calo [Rosales]

x. 596. Hernando Calo.

Children of Jose Calo and Amparo Calo [Amoroso]

xi. 597. Arturo Calo.

xii. 598. Roberto Calo.

xiii. 599. Paul Calo.

xiv. 600. Gregorio Calo.

xv. 601. Lidwina Calo.

xvi. 602. Raul Calo.

181. Teresa Garcia [Calo]. She married Eulogia Garcia.

Children of Teresa Garcia [Calo] and Eulogia Garcia

i. 603. Bernadette Garcia.

182. Jacoba Calo.

183. Josefa Calo [Villanueva]. She married Bernardo Sanchez Calo.

Children of Josefa Calo [Villanueva] and Bernardo Sanchez Calo

i. 604. Lionel Calo.

ii. 605. Apolinar Calo.

iii. 606. Elena Gonzaga [Calo].

iv. 607. Alfredo Calo.

v. 608. Benjamin Calo.

vi. 609. Luz Valenzuela [Calo].

184. Jose Villanueva. He married Irene Villanueva [Dagani].

Children of Jose Villanueva and Irene Villanueva [Dagani]

i. 610. Napoleon Villanueva.

ii. 611. Edmundo Villanueva.

iii. 612. Oscar Villanueva.

iv. 613. Aurora Satorre [Villanueva].

v. 614. Anita Carloto [Villanueva].

vi. 615. Nilda Vicuña [Villanueva].

185. Priscilla Cembrano [Villanueva]. She married Angel Cembrano.

Children of Priscilla Cembrano [Villanueva] and Angel Cembrano

i. 616. Vicente Cembrano.

ii. 617. Flora Tula [Cembrano].

iii. 618. Francisco Cembrano.

iv. 619. Virgilio Cembrano.

v. 620. Jaime Cembrano.

vi. 621. Angel Cembrano.

186. Socorro Magno [Villanueva]. She married Francisco Magno.

Children of Socorro Magno [Villanueva] and Francisco Magno

i. 622. Nicasio Magno.

ii. 623. Leah Magno.

iii. 624. Francisco Magno.

iv. 625. Victor Magno.

v. 626. Glorietta Danilo [Magno].

vi. 627. Gilberto Magno.

vii. 628. Mariano Magno.

viii. 629. Evangelina Magno.

187. Bernardo Villanueva. He married 1st Maxime Villanueva [Fortun]. He married 2nd Teofila Villanueva [Atega].

Children of Bernardo Villanueva and Maxime Villanueva [Fortun]

i. 630. Rogelio Villanueva.

ii. 631. Roberto Villanueva.

iii. 632. Bernardo Villanueva.

iv. 633. Carmenchita Villanueva.

Children of Bernardo Villanueva and Teofila Villanueva [Atega]

v. 634. Samuel Villanueva.

vi. 635. Paul Villanueva.

vii. 636. Ime Villanueva.

viii. 637. Jane Radaza [Villanueva].

ix. 638. Ruth Villanueva.

x. 639. Illino Villanueva.

xi. 640. Agnes Villanueva.

xii. 641. Ivy Villanueva.

xiii. 642. Ann Margaret Villanueva.

xiv. 643. Alejo Villanueva.

188. Diego Villanueva. He married Concepcion Villanueva [Jamboy].

Children of Diego Villanueva and Concepcion Villanueva [Jamboy]

i. 644. Antonio Duro [Villanueva].

189. Aurora Villanueva.

190. Carmen Trillo [Loquite]. She married Lazaro Quero Trillo.

Children of Carmen Trillo [Loquite] and Lazaro Quero Trillo

i. 645. Paulita Bedrijo [Trillo].

ii. 646. Leonor Trillo.

iii. 647. Elpedio Ruego [Trillo].

iv. 648. Ester Demain [Trillo].

v. 649. Amelita Ceniza [Trillo].

vi. 650. Flora Cañavere [Trillo].

vii. 651. Marianita Dabalos [Trillo].

viii. 652. Antonio Trillo.

ix. 653. Adelaida Lagulang [Trillo].

191. Premetiva Rosales [Curilan]. She married Ignacio Rosales.

Children of Premetiva Rosales [Curilan] and Ignacio Rosales

i. 654. Carmelo Rosales.

ii. 655. Vicente Rosales.

iii. 656. Ramon Rosales.

192. Agripino Curilan. He married Asuncion Curilan [Calo].

Children of Agripino Curilan and Asuncion Curilan [Calo]

i. 657. Isidra Conde [Curilan].

193. Laparo Curilan.

194. Anastacia Oropa [Curilan]. She married Juan Oropa.

Children of Anastacia Oropa [Curilan] and Juan Oropa

i. 658. Maria Oropa.

ii. 659. Dioscoro Oropa.

iii. 660. Milagros Oropa.

iv. 661. Aurea Oropa.

v. 662. Rebecca Oropa.

5th Generation (Great(2)-grandchildren)

195. Teodora Martinez [Sanchez]. She married Consejal Francisco Martinez.

196. Gorgonio Sanchez. He married Pilar Sanchez [Villanueva].

197. Amorlino Sanchez.

198. Fausto Sanchez. He married 1st Joaquina Sanchez [Dumago]. He married 2nd Pilar Sanchez [Piencenaves].

199. Esperanza Villanueva [Sanchez]. She married Jorge Villanueva.

200. Cipriano Sanchez. He married 1st Ceriaca Sanchez [Evasco]. He married 2nd Encarnacion Sanchez [Dumanon].

201. Isabel Conde [Sanchez]. She married Feliciano Conde.

202. Eugenio Sanchez. He married Eleutecia Sanchez [Plaza].

203. Meteo Sanchez. He married Magdalena Sanchez [Rosales].

204. Nicolas Rosales. He married Manuela Rosales [Piencenaves].

205. Dionesio Rosales. He married Gabriela Rosales [Burdeos].

206. Andres Rosales. He married Rosales [Miguela].

207. Gertrudes Rosales.

208. Zacarion Rosales. He married 1st Pelagia Rosales [Pastor]. He married 2nd Josefa Rosales [Dumlao].

209. Pio Rosales.

210. Dolores Cupin [Sanchez]. She married Generoso Cupin.

211. Restituto Rosales.

212. Maria Rosales.

213. Gregorio Rosales. He married Emilianca Rosales [Conde].

214. Nieves Aya [Rosales]. She married Fortunato Aya.

215. Jose Rosales. He married Robustiana Rosales [Morales].

216. Francisco Rosales. He married Francisca Rosales [Bokingo].

217. Alejandrio Rosales. He married Consorcia Rosales [Morgado].

218. Pedro Rosales. He married Hermogena Rosales [Omoy].

219. Pablo Funesto.

220. Blas Funesto.

221. Pilar Dumanon [Funesto]. She married Danrao Dumanon.

222. Socorro Radaza [Funesto]. She married David Radaza.

223. Teclita Dumanon.

224. Matilde Cembrano [Radaza]. She married Francisco Cembrano.

225. Salvador Radaza. He married Lolita Radaza [Morencio].

226. Josefina Garcia [Sanchez]. She married Eulogia Garcia.

227. Guillermo Sanchez. He married Helen Sanchez [Defensor].

228. Francisca Sanchez.

229. Paticionio Fernandez [Sanchez]. She married Benjamin Fernandez.

230. Milagros de Guzman [Sanchez]. She married Salvador de Guzman.

231. Lourdes Noem [Sanchez]. She married Noem.

232. Perla Luna [Sanchez]. She married Nestor Luna.

233. Hildelita Abrantes [Sanchez]. She married Honrocio Abrantes.

234. Bartolome Sanchez. He married Edna Sanchez [Nepomuceno].

235. Ismael Sanchez. He married Amelia Sanchez [Bonaolera].

236. Flora Luminarias [Sanchez]. She married Luis Luminarias.

237. Hermina Go [Sanchez]. She married Amado Go.

238. Gemelina Arriola [Sanchez]. She married Man Arriola.

239. Imelda Dizon [Guingona]. She married Man Dizon.

240. Augusto Guingona. He married Norma Guingona [Espina].

241. Corazon Legaspi [Guingona]. She married Albert Legaspi.

242. Teresita Guingona.

243. Honey Guingona.

244. Antonio Sanchez. He married Trinidad Sanchez [Castro].

245. Marcelo Sanchez. He married Marciana Sanchez [Castro].

246. Artemio Sanchez. He married Bonifacia Sanchez [Castro].

247. Sulpicio Sanchez.

248. Clarencio Sanchez. He married Editha Sanchez [Rivera].

249. Reynaldo Sanchez. He married Godiva Sanchez [Lozaga].

250. Gloria Sanchez.

251. Perfecta Bautista [Roque]. She married Arturo Bautista.

252. Alfonso Jr Roque.

253. Norma de Vera [Roque]. She married Jacobo de Vera.

254. Claudio Roque. He married Maria Roque [Lachica].

255. Jose Roque.

256. Maritez Roque.

257. Rosalinda Roque.

258. Adelaida Carvajal [Sanchez]. She married Ciriaco Carvajal.

259. Imelda Cupillar [Sanchez]. She married Nestor Cupillar.

260. Olvecio Sanchez. He married Conrada Sanchez [Satorre].

261. Lucita Canonoy [Sanchez]. She married Bonifacio Canonoy.

262. Paquito Sanchez. He married Marcela Sanchez [Sembracan].

263. Tata Judagan [Sanchez]. She married Rogelio Judagan.

264. Andres Sanchez. He married Fe Sanchez [Ochoa].

265. Rita Ago [Bustillo]. She married Pedro Ago.

266. Apolinio Bustillo.

267. Marietta Bustillo.

268. Eutiquio Burdeos.

269. Calixto Burdeos.

270. Wilfredo Reyes.

271. Bernardo Reyes.

272. Herminia Torralba.

273. Alita Torralba.

274. Marietta Torralba.

275. Norma Torralba.

276. Solita Torralba.

277. Antonio Torralba.

278. Concepcion Curato.

279. Sosita Curato.

280. Isabel Curato.

281. Paterno Calo. He married Gloria Calo [de Asis].

282. Francisco Calo.

283. Florentino Calo.

284. Severino Calo.

285. Vicente Burdeos.

286. Jose Burdeos.

287. Bernardo Burdeos.

288. Celestino Butao.

289. Manuel Butao.

290. Epifanio Montilla.

291. Nestor Montilla.

292. Celestino Busa.

293. Rita Dumanon [Suazo]. She married Man Dumanon.

294. Anatolia Suazo.

295. Matilde Davide [Alutaya]. She married Man Davide.

296. Justina Emboy [Alutaya]. She married Blas Emboy.

297. Jose Alutaya.

298. Jose Rosales. He married Rogelia Rosales [Mejica].

299. Manuel Rosales. He married Remedio Rosales [Veloria].

300. Eufrenio Rosales. He married Macaria Rosales [Trillo].

301. Rosario Tupaz [Rosales]. She married Mateo Tupaz.

302. Carmen Sanchez [Rosales]. She married Jose Dumago Sanchez.

303. Gracia Go [Rosales]. She married Man Go.

304. Santos Rosales.

305. Panfilo Rosales. He married Teodula Rosales [Otero].

306. Aurelia Rosales. She married 1st Pedro Mocono. She married 2nd Senforiano Saavedra.

307. Eleuterio Rosales. He married Natividad Rosales [Cultura].

308. Minas Rosales. She married 1st Roman Funesto. She married 2nd Jose Calo.

309. Crecencia Bongato [Rosales]. She married Geronimo Bongato.

310. Maria Brillantes [Rosales]. She married Demetrio Brillantes.

311. Estela Galindo [Rosales]. She married Caudido Galindo.

312. Dolores Rosales.

313. Pilar Viray [Flores]. She married Amando Reyes Viray.

314. Josefa Rosales.

315. Sesencio Rosales.

316. Apolonio Rosales.

317. Modesto Rosales.

318. Nonita Gonzaga [Sanchez]. She married Raymundo Gonzaga.

319. Severiana Pacana [Sanchez]. She married Arthur Pacana.

320. Dominica Calo [Sanchez]. She married Salvador Leyson Calo.

321. Marciana Burdeos [Sanchez]. She married Fortunato Burdeos.

322. Lucia Calo [Sanchez]. She married Bautista Calo.

323. Jardemio Sanchez. He married Ismaela Sanchez [Calo].

324. Juan Durban. He married 1st Merlita Durban [Tabigue]. He married 2nd Conigundo Durban [Mendoza].

325. Luis Bangnio. He married 1st Medarda Bangnio [Bongabong]. He married 2nd Laura Bangnio [Cubillas].

326. Asteria Ozon [Bangnio]. She married Julian Lacerna Sr Ozon.

327. Suertelo Sanchez. He married Leonora Sanchez [Tabugon].

328. Rene Sanchez. He married Corazon Sanchez [Perdiguez].

329. Westeria Enriquez [Sanchez]. She married Rogelio Enriquez.

330. Wilhelma Sanchez.

331. Helenida Raniel [Sanchez]. She married Delfino Raniel.

332. Teresita Alegarbes [Azote]. She married Tomas Alegarbes.

333. Alfonso Dumago.

334. Funesto Dumago.

335. Juan Dumago.

336. Josefina Dumago.

337. Joaquin Dumago.

338. Tirso Azote.

339. Marcos Azote.

340. Clementino Azote.

341. Natividad Azote.

342. Petrona Azote.

343. Dolores Burdeos.

344. Bonifacio Burdeos.

345. Jose Burdeos.

346. Dionisia Burdeos.

347. Salvador Burdeos.

348. Rosario Burdeos.

349. Norberto Burdeos.

350. Lourdes Burdeos.

351. Pedro Burdeos.

352. Priscilla Burdeos.

353. Juan Carlo Fortun.

354. Catalina Fortun.

355. Maria Fortun.

356. Josefina Fortun.

357. Jose Bermoy.

358. Marcelina Sabijon.

359. Constantino Sabijon.

360. Dominador Sabijon.

361. Olegario Sabijon.

362. Celestina Sabijon.

363. Felicidad Sabijon.

364. Gloria Sabijon.

365. Josefina Sabijon.

366. Ben Hur Sabijon.

367. Marietta Sabijon.

368. Elena Gacula.

369. Numeriano Gacula.

370. Jaime Gacula.

371. Ester Gacula.

372. Lucia Gacula.

373. Rosita Gacula.

374. Maximo Jr Gacula.

375. Teresita Gacula.

376. Consuelo Gacula.

377. Nenita Gacula.

378. Luminosa Calo.

379. Cleotilde Calo.

380. Adolfo Calo.

381. Julita Calo.

382. Vicente Calo.

383. Basilio Azura.

384. Baltazara Azura.

385. Annie Azura.

386. Aurito Alfaro.

387. Betty Alfaro.

388. Artemio Rosales.

389. Belino Rosales.

390. Corazon Rosales.

391. Natividad Rosales.

392. Concepcion Busico [Rosales]. She married Joaquin Busico.

393. Mercedes Quiñones [Rosales]. She married Jose Quiñones.

394. Monserrat Aguilar [Rosales]. She married Maro Aguilar.

395. Eumelia Beros [Rosales]. She married Pedro Beros.

396. Conrado Rosales. He married Leonina Rosales [Agura].

397. Isabel Rosales.

398. Florencio Rosales.

399. Natividad Balanon [del Rosario]. She married Evangelista Balanon.

400. M Manabat [del Rosario]. She married Roque Manabat.

401. Amparo del Rosario.

402. Saturnino del Rosario.

403. Visitacion Bringas [Libarnes]. She married Jesus Bringas.

404. Francisca Libarnes.

405. Anastactio Libarnes.

406. Ruben Libarnes. He married Libarnes [Rose].

407. Wenceslao Libarnes. He married Rosaio Libarnes [Cupin].

408. Joel Libarnes.

409. Rafael Libarnes. He married Carmen Libarnes [Perez].

410. Aida Lolingco [Libarnes]. She married Rolando Lolingco.

411. Saturnino Libarnes, Jr..

412. Maria Libarnes.

413. Rosita Milo [Lachica]. She married Dr. Milo.

414. Jose Lachica. He married Lily Lachica.

415. Alfredo Lachica.

416. Clarita Lachica.

417. Maria Lachica.

418. Paz Libarnes.

419. Casilda Arriola [Libarnes]. She married Maxvino Arriola.

420. Flora Matias Novalta [Libarnes]. She married Novalta.

421. Belen Libarnes.

422. Elena Burata [Libarnes]. She married Genardino Burata.

423. Molly Libarnes.

424. Jose Libarnes.

425. Leliane Libarnes.

426. Edisa Libarnes.

427. Josefina Cervantes.

428. Trinidad Cervantes.

429. Luz Cervantes.

430. Elena Cervantes.

431. Manuel Cervantes.

432. Elvira Cervantes.

433. Sally Libarnes.

434. Ramoncito Libarnes.

435. Vicente Libarnes.

436. Benjamin Libarnes.

437. Olivia Fernandez [Azura]. She married Carlos Fernandez.

438. Cesar Azura. He married Emma Azura [Ehem].

439. Remedios Salcedo [Azura]. She married Vicenta Salcedo.

440. Helena Manlunas [Azura]. She married Gaudencio Manlunas.

441. Florencia Jimenez [Azura]. She married Luis Jimenez.

442. Luis Azura. He married Marietta Azura [Puyo].

443. Paul Azura. He married Letecia Azura [Madamba].

444. Minda Ochoa.

445. Aida Veloso [Ochoa]. She married Antonio Veloso.

446. Julius Domine.

447. Nicasio Domine.

448. Clarita Domine.

449. Calvino Domine. He married Lucia Domine [Azura].

450. Homer Domine. He married Thelma Domine [Radaza].

451. Jose Rosales.

452. Elisa Rosales.

453. Diego Rosales.

454. Lydia Rosales.

455. Antonio Rosales.

456. Florenda Rosales.

457. Elenita Rosales.

458. Virgina Rosales.

459. Napoleon Rosales.

460. Aurora Rosales.

461. Gloria Elumba.

462. Marietta Caballos [Elumba]. She married Patricio Caballos.

463. Vigilio Elumba.

464. Letecia San Diego [Elumba]. She married Jose San Diego.

465. Milagros Marquez [Elumba]. She married Rodolfo Marquez.

466. Aster Elumba.

467. Ernesto Trillo.

468. Corazon del Prado [Trillo]. She married Angel del Prado.

469. Eduardo Trillo. He married Amelia Trillo [Navarette].

470. Alam Trillo.

471. Teresita Trillo.

472. Benilda Trillo.

473. Edgardo Trillo.

474. Rosario Trillo.

475. Elpedio Trillo.

476. Teresita Pascual [Lopez]. She married Ebanger Pascual.

477. Samuel Lopez. He married Remedios Lopez [Montalban].

478. Melecio Lopez. He married Ofelia Sanchez Lopez [Garcia].

479. Ida Lopez. He married Flordeliza Lopez [Gewentiza].

480. Alma Sanchez [Lopez]. She married Salvador Sanchez.

481. Manuel Lopez. He married Susan Lopez [Dagani].

482. Revelina Cembrano [Lopez]. She married Angel Cembrano.

483. Virgilio Lopez. He married Consuelp Lopez [Gacula].

484. Napoleon Ag-agam [Lopez]. She married Brenda Ag-agam.

485. Aurora Lopez.

486. Fe Lopez.

487. Virgilio Servillon. He married Antonia Servillon [Abyan].

488. Teresita Velasco [Servillon]. She married Wilfredo Velasco.

489. Clemendeau Servillon. He married Puring Servillon [Bacusmas].

490. Bernadita Servillon.

491. Joselito Servillon.

492. Valentino Santos.

493. Rosalino Santos.

494. Elizabeth Rosales.

495. Evelyn Rosales.

496. Jaime Rosales.

497. Antonio Cabrera.

498. Emmanuel Cabrera.

499. Victor Cabrera.

500. Carmelita Cabrera.

501. Ireneo Rosales. He married Sonia Rosales [Vargas].

502. Eleva Santa Maria [Rosales]. She married Gabriel Santa Maria.

503. Guemercindo Rosales.

504. Michael Rosales.

505. Jove Navarra [Rosales]. She married Miguel Navarra.

506. Marcelino Cocon.

507. Tomas Cocon. He married Basilisa Cocon [Alfonso].

508. Salvadora Cocon. She married Unknown.

509. Aurelia Cocon. She married 1st Ambrosio Tiu. She married 2nd Venancio Mordeno.

510. Santiago Cocon. He married Mercedes Cocon [Fortun].

511. Isabelo Cocon. He married Brigelda Cocon [Cubillas].

512. Bonifacio Cocon.

513. Carmen Canonoy [Cocon]. She married Regino Canonoy.

514. Gonzalo Cocon.

515. Benjamin Cocon. He married Cocon.

516. Fausto Rosales.

517. Frustoso Rosales.

518. Pedro Rosales.

519. Maria Rosales.

520. Alejandro Canlas. He married Carmen Canlas [Durano].

521. Natividad Rosales was born in 1903 and died in 1978. She married 1st Teofisto Sevilla. She partnered with 2nd Unknown. She married 3rd Ireneo Casinillo. Ireneo was born in 1907 and died in 1965.

Other events in the relationship of Natividad Rosales and Unknown


522. Ana Rosales.

523. Pacifico Rosales.

524. Rogaciano Rosales.

525. Lourdes Rosales.

526. Rosa Rosales.

527. Jaime Rosales.

528. Luis Rosales. He married Rosales [Juanita].

529. Conchita Ranario [Corvera]. She married Pedro Ranario.

530. Teresita Sueva [Corvera]. She married Irencio Sueva.

531. Felipe Corvera.

532. Raymnundo Jr Rosales. He married Salvacion Rosales [Busa].

533. Joaquina Atienza Tecson [Rosales]. She married Domingo Tecson.

534. Isidro Rosales. He married Geronimo Rosales [G].

535. Juan Rosales. He married Enoria Rosales [Makiling].

536. Bienvenido Rosales.

537. Felicidad Rosales.

538. Mariano Rosales. He married Socorro Rosales [Alquino].

539. Novilla Buzon [Rosales]. She married Agustin Buzon.

540. Luz Fortun [Cassion]. She married Mansueto Fortun.

541. Eusebio Cassion.

542. Gloria Jakosalem [Cassion]. She married Man Jakosalem.

543. Cristina Cassion. She married 1st Ak Tong. She married 2nd Amado Mejia.

544. Veronica Sescon [Cassion]. She married Adriano Sescon.

545. Remedios Sanchez [Cassion]. She married Man Sanchez.

546. Francisca Rosales.

547. Vicente Rosales.

548. Nanette Rosales.

549. Ramon Rosales.

550. Consorio Rosales. He married Juana Rosales [Bongabong].

551. Ismael Rosales. He married Lolita Rosales [Tan].

552. Estella Pajarillo [Rosales]. She married Conchio Pajarillo.

553. Willy Rosales.

554. Urbano Rosales.

555. Josefina Togonon [Rosales]. She married Pancrasio Togonon.

556. Consolacion Natividad Rosales.

557. Lucia Domine [Rosales]. She married Calvin Domine.

558. Porcillo Rosales. He married Natividad Rosales [Orit].

559. Thelma Rosales.

560. Romeo Rosales. He married Adelaida Rosales [Guillermo].

561. Regino Rosales. He married Luzy Rosales [Defensor].

562. Amelia Rosales.

563. Napoleon Rosales.

564. Imperia Abrantes [Rosales]. She married Honesto Abrantes.

565. Jorge Rosales. He married Marilyn Rosales [Bertrimin].

566. Victor Rosales.

567. Virgilio Rosales.

568. Juanito Rosales.

569. Augusto Rosales.

570. Pablo Rosales.

571. Antonio Rosales.

572. Rolando Rosales.

573. Eligio Jr Rosales.

574. Remedios Rosales [Veloria]. She married Manuel Rosales.

575. Jaime Veloria.

576. Jose Veloria. He married Josefina Veloria [Ebeter].

577. Felicidad Liboon [Torralba]. She married Felino Liboon.

578. Andres Corvera. He married Consuelo Corvera [Montejo].

579. Soledad Arsinas [Galicia]. She married Pedro Arsinas.

580. Vicente Galicia. He married 1st Aurora Galicia [Villaflor]. He married 2nd Minda Galicia [Alpuerto].

581. Numeriano Galicia.

582. Natividad Gallarde.

583. Cilinia Gallarde.

584. Maria Pareja [Gallarde]. She married Cesar Pareja.

585. Ambrosio Gallarde. He married Luzviminda Gallarde [Abitoma].

586. Florencia Gallarde.

587. Hernando Calo.

588. Teodoro Calo.

589. Amalia Calo.

590. Gregorio Calo.

591. Teresita Calo.

592. Filomena Calo.

593. Mercedes Calo.

594. Jose Jr Calo.

595. Alice Calo.

596. Hernando Calo. He married 1st Rosita Calo [Alcantara]. He married 2nd Josefina Calo [Anugonzado].

597. Arturo Calo.

598. Roberto Calo.

599. Paul Calo.

600. Gregorio Calo.

601. Lidwina Calo.

602. Raul Calo.

603. Bernadette Garcia.

604. Lionel Calo. He married Librada Calo [Quiaoit].

605. Apolinar Calo. He married Francisca Calo [Cultura].

606. Elena Gonzaga [Calo]. She married Man Gonzaga.

607. Alfredo Calo. He married Mercedes Calo [Magno].

608. Benjamin Calo.

609. Luz Valenzuela [Calo]. She married Florentino Valenzuela.

610. Napoleon Villanueva. He married Aida Fong Villanueva [He].

611. Edmundo Villanueva. He married Nilda Villanueva [Labial].

612. Oscar Villanueva. He married Maggie Villanueva [Kelly].

613. Aurora Satorre [Villanueva]. She married Benjamin Satorre.

614. Anita Carloto [Villanueva]. She married Abelardo Carloto.

615. Nilda Vicuña [Villanueva]. She married Felix Vicuña.

616. Vicente Cembrano. He married Pricsilla Cembrano [Mendoza].

617. Flora Tula [Cembrano]. She married Carlos Tula.

618. Francisco Cembrano. He married Matilde Cembrano [Radaza].

619. Virgilio Cembrano.

620. Jaime Cembrano. He married Edna Calo Cembrano [Martinez].

621. Angel Cembrano. He married Revelina Cembrano [Lopez].

622. Nicasio Magno. He married Carmelita Magno [Moran].

623. Leah Magno. She married 1st Jose Domine. She married 2nd Unknown.

624. Francisco Magno. He married Norma Magno [Adlawan].

625. Victor Magno. He married Consuelo Magno [Eslaba].

626. Glorietta Danilo [Magno]. She married Seren Danilo.

627. Gilberto Magno. He married Perla Magno [Aquio].

628. Mariano Magno. He married Perla Magno [Dulanas].

629. Evangelina Magno.

630. Rogelio Villanueva. He married Isabelita Villanueva [Conde].

631. Roberto Villanueva. He married Betty Villanueva [Luy].

632. Bernardo Villanueva.

633. Carmenchita Villanueva.

634. Samuel Villanueva.

635. Paul Villanueva.

636. Ime Villanueva.

637. Jane Radaza [Villanueva]. She married Columbo Radaza.

638. Ruth Villanueva.

639. Illino Villanueva. He married Villanueva [Lorna].

640. Agnes Villanueva.

641. Ivy Villanueva.

642. Ann Margaret Villanueva.

643. Alejo Villanueva.

644. Antonio Duro [Villanueva]. She married Rosario Duro.

645. Paulita Bedrijo [Trillo]. She married Pedrencio Bedrijo.

646. Leonor Trillo. He married Consorcia Trillo [Yangson].

647. Elpedio Ruego [Trillo]. She married Tiburcio Lagura Ruego.

648. Ester Demain [Trillo]. She married Perfecto Demain.

649. Amelita Ceniza [Trillo]. She married Horacio Ceniza.

650. Flora Cañavere [Trillo]. She married Bernardino Cañavere.

651. Marianita Dabalos [Trillo]. She married Rosarito Flore Dabalos.

652. Antonio Trillo. He married Severa Trillo [Coga].

653. Adelaida Lagulang [Trillo]. She married Pio Lagulang.

654. Carmelo Rosales. He married Woman Rosales [Garcia].

655. Vicente Rosales. He married 1st Maria Rosales [Torralba]. He married 2nd Woman Rosales [Cubillas].

656. Ramon Rosales. He married Rosales [Concordia].

657. Isidra Conde [Curilan]. She married Ignacio Conde.

658. Maria Oropa.

659. Dioscoro Oropa.

660. Milagros Oropa.

661. Aurea Oropa.

662. Rebecca Oropa.

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