susancorpuz is a student at the University of the Philippines while working as a freelance photojournalist, writer, illustrator, web developer/administrator. Based in the Philippines, she specializes in news events, portraits, and documentary photography. She has written documentary reports and statements for corporate foundations and CSOs/NGOs. She is currently working on a long term research project on indigenous peoples. Her academic interests are in the arts, and cultural and social anthropology.

Ampatuan Massacre: 6 years and still no justice. The National Press Club staged a protest rally at Mendiola bridge on the 6th anniversary of the Ampatuan massacre in Maguindanao where 58 journalists where killed in a single day. 22 November 2015. Photo courtesy of Bullit Marquez

She is an activist and has always been deeply involved and engaged in conversations with various activist groups for alliance building, women’s rights, human rights, indigenous peoples rights, and environmental rights.

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Formally trained as a pianist for 11 years from when she was 6 years old at St. Scholastica’s College where she earned her professional proficiency certificate at age 13, she eventually expanded her skills in the arts such as painting and graphic arts, and explored acting, ballet, Latin dance, violin and guitar.

She loves fashion, movies, traveling, chocolates, books, computers, gadgets, dogs, fountain pens, and journals. šŸ˜Š She’s an animal lover, a stargazer, a treehugger, vegan wannabe, collects jokes and inspirational stories; practices compassion, mindful meditation and sometimes yoga. Being a kulasa, she follows the Benedictine motto — Ora et Labora (Prayer and Work).

She also owns and operates Bidlisiw Designs, an art and crafts store.

She’s really not that busy, just trying to enjoy everything what life has to offer.


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