Lifegoal: Becoming a better version of yourself

”Better” means stronger, kinder, wiser

Don’t think of improvement solely in terms of objective measures of performance

By Brad

So don’t bother comparing yourself to others. Compare yourself to prior versions of yourself. When you do, ask if you’ve gotten better. Are you stronger, kinder, and wiser than we were before?

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Timeless Advice- Making the Most Out of Life

Timeless Advice- Making the Most Out of Life

1. “Your life won’t turn out as you envisioned in your 20s, but it will be extraordinary, amazing, and yours. Cultivate strong and diverse friendships. Focus on those, not the toxic people. And have a hobby you love just for you.”

2. “Live alone for a while. There are plenty of years behind you and ahead of you where you’ll be sharing space with others. Take some time to enjoy having a space that’s all yours. And travel more!”

3. “Leave after the first lie.”

4. “Stop trying to make everyone else happy. Owning things is not happiness, watch your money. Just because they are family doesn’t mean they cannot be toxic.”

5. “No matter what you were told about being the good girl, you cannot have everyone like you. So if and when it comes down to a choice between you (your success, your emotional health, your financial worth) and being liked: choose you.”

6. “Take care of yourself at least as much as you take care of everyone else in your life.”

7. “Just because he isn’t awful, doesn’t mean he’s right for you. Stick to your guns and intuition because you deserve the best.”

8. “Don’t hesitate to change jobs or move. Demand more money.”

9. “Don’t put off your travel dreams and connecting within your relationships until “someday”, because “someday” is not promised. And don’t wait for a bunch of friends deaths to remind you of that fact.”

10. “Have fun. Just have freaking fun. That’s what your 20s are for.”

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“Leave after the first lie.”
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