Harvest time

Harvest time in Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur involves the family and relatives. They sell their harvest so they could buy rice and other necessities, they said.

A woman selling fruits along the highway in Molave, Zamboanga del Sur

Woman drying fish to sell in the market at the beach in Zamboanga del Sur

Twice Relocated Samal Family

This family of Samal ethnicity originated from Sulu. Because of the ongoing war in their native home, they transferred to Pagadian where they set up their home along the shore line of Moro Bay, only to be razed down by fire. Rumors say that it was to get rid of the squatters, who among them are Badjaos, to make way for the construction of a boulevard. Where fishing as their main source of livelihood, they found the beach side of Tukuran as their new home. 31 August 2015.

Hacienda Looc

Hacineda Looc

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The Concept of Time: Talks with a Dumagat Woman in Quezon Province and Badjao Women in Leyte

A young Dumagat mother with her children at a beach in Gen. Nakar, Quezon Province as her tribe gathered to celebrate an annual festival.

The weather did not permit us to go to a sacred cave where the ritual was supposed to be performed. So instead they set up a camp along the beach where they also cooked food and pitched tents to rest. I noticed this young mother carrying a baby while other small children, about 4 more, clinging to her dress. I asked to take their photograph. I asked how young she is and the ages of her children. She said she does not know or when exactly her baby and the rest of her children were born.

The concept of time seems to be very abstract to her. And I realised this when I went to Leyte and encountered the Badjaos. They also seem to have no concept of time beyond the present.


Nazareno 2014

Nazareno 2013

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Sinulog 2011

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Panagbenga 2009

Pangabenga 2009

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Pahiyas 2008

Pahiyas 2008

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